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Comment Re: Why? (Score 1) 182

I guess the best explanation I have found so far in this thread, a few posts below, went like this:

The device just reconnects to the stream provider like in a brand new demand for the same video and seeks to the position you were at on your wi-fi IP. If done fast enough, you can make the process look transparent.

Forget about all other theories expressed on this thread:
-IP multipath
-http request, HLS, DASH, etc..

And of course, the one of my own:
-Apple make you use them as a proxy and accomplishes it through some proprietary protocol.

It is shame that Apple doesn't document its stuff any better and keeps everything secret. It gives me a tendency to be suspicious.

Of course, this won't work for ssh session and a bunch of other stuff but the seek solution expressed above seems most likely. Maybe the guy who tipped us off is an apple engineer ;-)


Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 182

Great! Android has it too. The catch is that both end need to support multipath. Are you sure Apple does it without playing man in the middle?

Otherwise, it would only work with a handful amount of sites to provide fail over when streaming a video.

  Are you sure Apple even uses multipath to provide the functionality if it really works as advertised?

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 182

I don't see how netflix could automagically start streaming to your new IP address, so most likely, you will have to restart the stream from the beginning.

You might not understand how, but that's EXACTLY what this does transparently. It's one of the use cases - streaming a video, moving away from the WiFi, and the stream continues transparently.

Possibly you don't realise that just because it's streaming doesn't mean it isn't being delivered in packets. And packets can be re-routed and resent.

You might not be used to being able to swap and change like this on your existing phone. But that's the point, this is a new feature that other OSs don't do as yet.

As I understand it the difference is that as soon as the WiFi signal is seen to be failing the request for a packet is send straight away via Cellular. And whichever comes back first will get used. The WiFi will eventually properly time out, but starting to use Cellular doesn't have to wait for that. The details might vary slightly from this, but that's the essence.

Other OSs don't do? I don't understand how? I don't know that streams are delivered in packets?

If this really works, my guess is that Apple plays the man in the middle, netflix streams to Apple and Apple streams to you in order for this to work. Let me know when you understands how it works yourself so you can explain it to me. My guess is that it has nothing to do with the OS.

Watch what you watch because Apple and some agencies can probably watch it as you do.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 4, Informative) 182

Well, you should notice, I don't see how netflix could automagically start streaming to your new IP address, so most likely, you will have to restart the stream from the beginning. This makes the following sentence from TFS a bunch of mumbo jumbo:

That's helpful if you're in the middle of watching a video or some other task on the internet that you don't want interrupted by spotty Wi-Fi service.

It will get interrupted anyway...

Comment Re: Do not want (Score 1) 94

All handled differently, not centralized, difficult to find exactly what's needed, difficult to read or at least not standardized output. They are conceptually wrong because they are mostly without concept. journald fixes all that once you get used to it.

Is this about the Borg vs humans?

Comment Re:Yeah!!! (Score 4, Funny) 210

Chris Hadfield here. I drank the whole bottle and it sure tasted different. But summary has to be modified, strictly scientifically speaking, we aren't sure if the change of taste came from the fact that the whiskey aged in space or from the fact that I was in space while drinking it.

In phase two, we expect to be able to wait until bottles are back on the planet before taste testing.