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Comment: Re:Vinyl (Score 1) 260 260

Same setup here except for the horn-loaded speakers. I found that the sound was better with dome tweeters without a horn. 3 way bass-reflex with conic bass and midrange and dome tweeter. Electrostatic speakers were interesting too although expensive.

Horn-loaded speakers prevailed when you went above, say, 150 W RMS. They seem to be a must in all concerts. I have never seen a dome tweeter in those contexts.

Then again, I hear that horns are hard to tune so maybe I just listened to crappy horn-loaded speakers back then ;-)


Comment: Re:Vinyl (Score 1) 260 260

Depends on the speed you are recording at. I used to use Scotch Classic tape and record at 3.75 in/s for even longer play time. You could go up to 15 and even 30 in/s but my toshiba tape recorder was doing 7.5 in/s max if I remember correctly.

Whatever tape I used degraded over time, hence keep the vinyl as a master copy and re-record it.

Comment: Re:Cygwin (Score 1) 285 285

You seems like you have been trying to use it, haven't you? Like most open source solutions, you might have to tweak it a bit to get it to do what you want and then again, you have to make compromise. But be assured it works in a satisfactory way for me. Just get a proprietary solution if you can't make it work as you wish. Oh my god, I just realized you sounded like a guy that would choose the later solution ;-)

I know what you are saying although and there is some truth to it.

Take care man ;-)

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