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Comment: Re:Physics (Score 1) 108

by ls671 (#49467347) Attached to: The International Space Station (Finally) Gets an Espresso Machine

Indeed, a pressure of 1 atmosphere ~= the pressure of 34 feet of water.

Deepest see explorer go down below 5,000 meters.

16 404 / 34 = 482 atmospheres !

Even in space, it shouldn't be too hard to build something to stand 1 atmosphere.

I don't think airplanes are air tight. That could explain why it would be hard to maintain a pressure of 1 atmosphere in one of those when they fly at 35,000 feet ;-)


Comment: Re:Physics (Score 3, Informative) 108

by ls671 (#49466257) Attached to: The International Space Station (Finally) Gets an Espresso Machine

The atmosphere on board the ISS is similar to the Earth's.[142] Normal air pressure on the ISS is 101.3 kPa (14.7 psi);[143] the same as at sea level on Earth. An Earth-like atmosphere offers benefits for crew comfort, and is much safer than the alternative, a pure oxygen atmosphere, because of the increased risk of a fire such as that responsible for the deaths of the Apollo 1 crew.


Comment: Re:XOR is useless (Score 1) 277

by ls671 (#49412487) Attached to: Popular Android Package Uses Just XOR -- and That's Not the Worst Part

I used to do this to generate admin passwords for PAP2 devices going out in the field ;-)

device MAC address: 7eec2ada9f0b
device admin password: 0e8620ffe985

echo 7eec2ada9f0b | md5sum | md5sum | md5sum | cut -c -13

Damn, I should have XORed it with a secret password on top of that then my scheme would have been really bullet proof...

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