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+ - World record broken 6000 people dancing to a robotic overlord->

Submitted by
ls129 writes "Judging by reactions of 6000 people today, we may have a future as robot choreographers. Allegedly a world record was broken in the popular category of maximum number of people dancing to the moves of a robotic overlord.
[ link shows video of robot dance preparation and video taken by spectator ]"

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+ - Hobbyists develop humanoid robot that runs windows->

Submitted by
ls129 writes "Miniature X86 board run windows XP and interface to several robot platforms
Turns out that when you remove 99% of the stuff that comes with the usual install of XP, you
end up with a decent O/S that can run on lower specs X86 platforms and do real-time processing and
control a walking robot. Free software BartPE is used to create a trimmed down XP installation (

Usually developing code for robots involved crippled down CPUs and low level coding.

One major advantage if having XP run your robot is that you
can develop your robot control software on your laptop using the familiar Visual Studio
and any .NET or other supported languages; and transfer the executable to be run on your robot."

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Comment: Re:Feedback claims dubious (Score 1) 98

by ls129 (#12145353) Attached to: Humanoid Robot KHR-1 SDK Released
I dont think the RCB-1 controler regurgitates the previous position. The servos really do have a signaling protocol that allows the controler to retrieve the current position.
Check out the PDF called "ICS Servo Special Protocol" here:
This will be validated experimentally soon.

I know someone who has done a similar project developing interesting gaits that utilize current AND position feedback form the servos. nie2.htm