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Comment: Re:Competition Sucks (Score 1) 507

by lrocker (#47218441) Attached to: Uber Demonstrations Snarl Traffic In London, Madrid, Berlin

Insurances never make anything more secure. They make the loss more bearable. At best.

Insurance makes many activities safer. See IIHS in the US for example.
At my place of work, Fire regulations are rudimentary and almost laughable. But when the insurance inspector pays a visit, we snap to attention and clean up our act. They have far more stringent requirements for things like fire safety and business continuity planning, and there's money on the line if we don't follow their recommended best practices.

Comment: Re:You can do that right now (Score 1) 436

by lrocker (#37242394) Attached to: SignalGuru Helps Drivers Avoid Red Lights

Being in a hurry gets me there faster when I beat the red light and the people I passed get stopped by it. No, they typically do not catch me at the next light, as much as they imagine that they will.

True, I only beat the light maybe 20% of the time, but my time is worth more to me than the cost of a little more gas. I still manage to pull off 40mpg in my 2003 prius with 170,000 miles on it.

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