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Comment: Re:What does it tell about the intelligent designe (Score 1) 144

by lrandall (#29877461) Attached to: Swiss Experimenter Breeds Swarm Intelligence

Well, I can't speak for all "IDists", but based on my beliefs we are here to learn and progress: that is the whole point of our existence. Progression implies a lack of perfection, hence the wars, lack of cooperation, etc., that you suggest is evidence of a lack of intelligent design.

We are all intelligences in our own right, given the freedom to choose for ourselves and in so doing gain knowledge, experience and indeed greater intelligence. This freedom we are given means our actions can prove to be positive and conducive to progress or detrimental to ourselves or the human race as a whole.

It's commonly accepted that we learn by experience: we see evidence of that on a daily basis. Why does that suddenly seem ridiculous when it's suggested that that is what our Creator had in mind for us?

Comment: Re:IMAP (Score 3, Insightful) 220

by lrandall (#26638515) Attached to: Offline Gmail Launched
Only on Slashdot would this be moderated insightful. No, IMAP is *not* a replacement for what they are discussing. Although it technically might serve a similar purpose, in practice it suggests a completely different workflow. I, for one, only use for business email accounts. I like the fact that my personal account is separate and available to me on any computer, anywhere, and I don't want an IMAP copy that I have to keep synchronised. 95% of the time that I need to use Gmail I am connected to the net. Now, this will happily cover the other 5%. Since I already (happily) use Gmail in my browser, it can sync in the background and let me use Gmail the way *I* want to, not the way technical limitations force me to.

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