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Comment: Re:Oh dear.... (/me wipes drool) (Score 1) 88

by lpcustom (#28706501) Attached to: <em>0 A.D.</em> Goes Open Source
Ah gotcha. I wish there were more strategy games across all platforms. About the only type of game made these days is FPS. I have all three major consoles and the only one that offers something different is the Wii, and it has possibly the best interface for an FPS game. That's strange. PC games once had more variety however. They seemed to be more "thinking" games while console games were more action-only. I wish the "quest" games would come back. My favorite RTS so far has been Empire Earth I and II. I wasn't a big fan of III.

Comment: Re:Plasma? (Score 1) 417

by lpcustom (#25741851) Attached to: 3 Firms Confess To Fixing LCD Prices, Agree To Pay $585M Fine
Man, I'm a troll but he didn't say anything about it being bad for your eyesight. You just wanted to seem intelligent for knowing that. Did you learn that from Penn&Teller? I mean I'll admit that's where I first heard that it wasn't bad for your eyes to watch TV real close. It seems like it would be bad for your eyes. It is, after all, staring into a bright object. It would seem that it would burn something. Listening to loud music messes up your ears. It's only natural to assume that staring into a bright object at close range would mess up your sight.

At any rate, he didn't say it was bad for your eyes.

Also, to follow the argument, CRTs are heavy, become blurry, can be perfect in one spot and then curved or distorted in another no matter how much you adjust it, use more electricity, and take up much more space. I would much rather have a couple dead pixels than adjust another damn CRT ever.

Techdirt: Oops, Your Balance Is: ($211,010,028,257,303.00)-> 2

From feed by techdirtfeed
A few years ago, an honest Virginia man reported a bank error that resulted in an extra $1.8 million dollars in his bank account -- not once, but three times. Where did all of that money come from? Perhaps they have now found the source. This week, a Georgia man was notified that he had a negative balance of $211 trillion at his Wachovia bank account. His debt makes the national debt, which is only slightly over $9 trillion, seem like small potatoes. Luckily for him, Wachovia reports that the balance was caused by an isolated banking error, and that he was not liable for any charges related to the negative balance. In this case, the error was that his account number was entered in place of his balance. Like the $218 trillion phone bill we saw in 2006, why are errors of this magnitude not be caught by some sort of bounds checking algorithm in the bank's software? Furthermore, if an error this size gets through all of the checks and balances, then what other, less noticeable errors are falling through the cracks every day?

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Linux Business

+ - Dell responds to demands for desktop Linux

Submitted by Rob
Rob (703254) writes "Dell has announced that it is the process of certifying Novell's Linux desktop operating system for use on its corporate desktop and laptop products following an overwhelming demand for Linux on its IdeaStorm site. The site was set up in mid-February to help the hardware vendor keep tabs on customer feedback. Early results indicate that there is massive pent up demand for Linux on the desktop."

+ - UK government will not enforce US software patents

Submitted by VJ42
VJ42 (860241) writes "I recently signed a online petition on software patents, but instead of dismissing it the UK government sent me a reply confirming it's position against software patents.

The Government remains committed to its policy that no patents should exist for inventions which make advances lying solely in the field of software. Although certain jurisdictions, such as the US, allow more liberal patenting of software-based inventions, these patents cannot be enforced in the UK.
They also remain committed to implementing the Gowers Review of Intellectual Property which means that

The Government will implement those recommendations for which it is responsible, and will therefore continue to exclude patents from areas where they may hinder innovation: including patents which are too broad, speculative, or obvious, or where the advance they make lies in an excluded area such as software.
After all the bad press they've had, this is a welcome bit of good news for us techies."

+ - MS responds to BlueJ Patent Issues

Submitted by
twofish writes "In his blog, Dan Fernandez, the lead project manager for Visual Studio Express, responded to the flurry of messages and blog postings that circulated since Michael Kolling first blogged about Microsofts patten application that threatened BlueJ, an educational tool used to teach OO. (See slashdot here or blueJ here)

Dan has gone so far as to offer an apology to Michael Koumllling and the BlueJ community. "We can officially say that the patent application was a mistake and one that should not have happened. To fix this, Microsoft will be removing the patent application in question."

Additionally, the Product Unit Manager is investigating how and why the application was made."

+ - Online BS degrees

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "I'm currently attending DeVry University. I'm taking all of my classes online. DeVry is pretty expensive. I'm wondering how valuable my CIS degree from DeVry will be. Do any of you have a degree from DeVry? Is it a rip-off? I currently have a 4.0 GPA, and I feel that I'm learning a lot. I just want to know how seriously people will take the degree I'm spending $58K on."

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