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Comment: Smartphone / pic (Score 1) 266

by lowsix (#42801485) Attached to: For personal printing, not work, I usually use ...

I have the equivalent of a warehouse of printed documents right in my pocket. It's called a smartphone. I have any document I want. If it's on google docs, I can share/send it to anyone I want.

If someone tries to give me hardcopy, I simply take a pic with my smartphone and return them the original to clutter their trashcan/filecabinet.

Comment: Re:My Personal App?? (Score 1) 461

by lowsix (#40832851) Attached to: Mitt Romney To Announce VP Decision Via Smartphone App

It just seems wasteful. I mean, if everyone had their own email app instead of using email standards, we wouldn't be able to email each other. In the same vein, if everyone had their own app to do standard things, like announce things, then we wouldn't develop useful standards, everyone's phone would be overloaded with apps, difficult to use, and completely useless.

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