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The Internet

+ - Things To Know Before Making Websites->

Submitted by
lovelyrenu writes " Anand Mishra, CEO of Star Infranet has wide experience in website development, domain and web hosting services. He suggests following points one should know before building his /her website:

Domain Name
Domain name is the essential requirement for any type of website. It is generally a name which stands out unique. Many people register a particular type of domain name for their website which they can use it, when they are planning to launch it. Thus, one must make sure that they find a right kind of domain name for their website.

The Target Audience

After choosing the right kind of domain name of the website one has to make sure that the website they are planning will target the right audience. It is often seen that many people have a very good name of the website, which is unique but most of these websites are not known to the people, for the simple reason they are not marketed well.

Web hosting

Besides doing a lot of research one must also pay attention to the different types of web hosting techniques. The web hosting is the actual service which allows the people to place a website, on the Internet."

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+ - Steve Jobs Has 313 Apple Patents to His Name->

Submitted by
Mightee writes "Apple is a much cautioned company, protecting all that it has created by filing patents. It has over 1000 patents which include 313 patents in the name of Steve Jobs — some obvious and some not.

Some of these patents have completely changed the face of the company which includes the iPod's Click Wheel and the iTunes store. These services have not only served the consumers but also some musicians who can now safely broadcast their music."

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+ - AIDS toll free number->

Submitted by lovelyrenu
lovelyrenu (1986890) writes "The joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) along with the Karnataka police has set up a toll-free helpline to provide state-wide telephone counselling, information and referral service for those affected by HIV/AIDS. The number is 18004250100. Counsellors will be available on phone on all days including holidays."
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+ - Indian Recipes->

Submitted by lovelyrenu
lovelyrenu (1986890) writes "An indian recipe or indian recipes especially simple indian recipes can be considered best indian recipes provided these indian recipes are the part and parcel of indian recipe prepared as simple indian recipes or such from best indian recipes one has."
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+ - Part Time Jobs in Chennai->

Submitted by lovelyrenu
lovelyrenu (1986890) writes "Part Time Jobs In Chennai — Looking for part time Jobs In Chennai, government Jobs In Chennai, HR Jobs In Chennai, BPO Jobs In Chennai or IT Jobs In Chennai? Register free with and get latest updates on all kind of Jobs In Chennai by email."
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