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Journal: smart bandages detect bacteria on contact

another pending rejection:
M.I.T.'s Technology Review is carrying a story on smart bandages. The bandage, applied directly to a wound, changes color when bacteria are identified, with the color indicating the type of bacteria present -- red for e coli, for example. The technology is poised to make its way to places other than triage and emergency rooms and first aid kits, though: 'The same technology could be applied to meat wrappers and other food packaging, which would show a warning color upon detection of food-borne bacteria. Such sensors could also be affixed to drinking glasses that would check for water purity or indications of biowarfare. Bandages aren't just for skinned knees anymore.'
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Journal: wtf??

i was watching a story, headlined: MS to release its own DVD format, and waiting for the commetn functions to be enabled when the thing disappeared. the whole freakin story.

the link was to the Inquirer story of a few hours ago. Perhaps the article got pulled since it was mentioned this time last year as where MS was putting its efforts. but c/mon, i had a cool comment picked out and everything.

it was a real 1984 moment.

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Journal: movies

off to see the two towers this afternoon with my geek friends. and yes, the good news is that i have cable modem in the new place: what it would take to get me to downgrade is beyond my imagining.
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Journal: feeling dumb

okay. where do i find the "make someone a friend" link? update: i copied the link from someone's comment: http://slashdot.org/zoo.pl?op=check&type=friend&uid=628741 and put in the correct user id. i found the correct user id by going to the frend's journals link under my journal and searching for the nickname of a friend. so, while it's sort of cheating and is a bit roundabout, it works.

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