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RDS Protocol Bug Creates a Linux Kernel Hole, Now Fixed 89

Trailrunner7 writes "The open-source Linux operating system contains a serious security flaw that can be exploited to gain superuser rights on a target system. The vulnerability, in the Linux implementation of the Reliable Datagram Sockets (RDS) protocol, affects unpatched versions of the Linux kernel, starting from 2.6.30, where the RDS protocol was first included." The article goes on to say, though, that "Linux installations are only vulnerable if the CONFIG_RDS kernel configuration option is set, and if there are no restrictions on unprivileged users loading packet family modules, as is the case on most stock distributions," and that Linus Torvalds has committed a fix.

Submission London Stock Exchange moves to Linux->

loveandpeace writes: After an embarrassing and disastrous outage two years ago caused by connectivity problems with the windows-based system, the LSE decided to implement linux. From the article at computerworld, "Not only does it work, the new Linux-powered LSE runs faster than any other stock-exchange on the planet.
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