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Comment This will be regulated at some point... (Score 1) 385

No, there is not intrinsic value, unlike gold. So when one day, nobody will accept your nice stack of bitcoins as payment you won't be able to do anything with those. If this is not regulated before, this will be regulated at that point because "We lost a lot of money, how did this happen? Why the government was asleep at the wheel and did not regulate that shadow bank?"

Comment Re:Valleys and Language (Score 1) 404

There is a an excellent book explaining different systems to deal with spacial positioning: I won't summarize the book here, but think of a culture which uses only four cardinal points resembling our North South East West to describe positioning. This leads to funny situations when describing a painting or a TV scene, the direction depends on ... the position of the painting/TV ("the bad guy came from the East") as oposed to a relative positioning system ("the bad guy came from behind").

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