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Comment: Not the testing, the interpretation. (Score 1) 37

by louic (#49789313) Attached to: Gene Testing Often Gets It Wrong
There is absolutely nothing wrong with gene testing. And it is not "gene testing" who gets it wrong. The second part of the sentence explains it all: "... with different labs giving different interpretations." It is some of the interpretations that are wrong or in other words: bad science by incompetent "researchers".

Comment: Re:Irresponsible of who?? (Score 1) 120

Indeed if you take my reaction and that sentence out of its context it sounds stupid. But you can also try to understand the point I am making here. The first post talks about this being an "irresponsible" push of software, and an interesting reply follows about *who* is responsible, and *criminal* liability. So my (logical, I think) reaction is simply to say "who even cares about criminal liability at this stage, let's find the problem and solve it". It is also very well possible that nobody made mistakes or can be held responsible.

Comment: Re:Irresponsible of who?? (Score 1) 120

Who cares? People died and everything should be done to prevent a similar accident in the future. If that indeed involves a single person making a mistake, he will probably have learned from it and never make such a mistake again. Blaming someone will not make the problem go away.

Comment: Too complex / other motives (Score 1) 649

by louic (#49517773) Attached to: Automakers To Gearheads: Stop Repairing Cars
What are they talking about? The last time I heard a "hobbyist" repairing a car must have been 20 years ago. Modern cars are way too complex too repair or modify at home or even by a professional without a fully equipped garage. I doubt that the small number of people who can actually pull this off poses a problem to the car industry. Conclusion: they have other motives.

Comment: Re:Really? (Score 1) 290

by louic (#48703721) Attached to: War Tech the US, Russia, China and India All Want: Hypersonic Weapons
"Given that the course of hypersonic research has acknowledged both of these concerns, why have several countries started testing the weapons?"

Another reason could be that developing such a weapon and thereby knowing what the weak points and technical requirements are is useful when you want to defend against them,

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