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Comment Re: Batteries just don't store enough energy... (Score 1) 346

All goods derive their value from what people are willing to pay for them. Only if that value is higher than production costs is the product actually produced.

Lowering the price to something close to production costs only happens if there is sufficient competition or if it opens additional markets which mean more profits down the line.

Comment Re: "7:30 PM" (Score 2) 117

Right, and that's extremely confusing because elsewhere in the world S means Summer.

There is nothing "standard" about a time zone, so the deduction that S refers to summer time makes more sense.

Comment AMD dies it every 5 years (Score 0) 152

Every 5 years, AMD makes a big announcement like they're going to open up their technology.
None of these efforts were maintained, it felt more like "we're giving up on this old architecture, but here are the specs, in case you want to do our job in our place".

I'll be more impressed when they can commit in the long term.

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