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+ - Getting engineers to innovate->

Submitted by lottameez
lottameez (816335) writes "Here's an interesting blog post for any engineer who feels underpaid (like there's any that don't feel that way). A University of Maryland professor suggests that many companies say they want to innovate, yet they pay the engineers "less than just about everyone else in the company". Dr. Jacob says:

I think the right answer is the following: if you want innovation, overpay your engineers. Give them a stable environment, the right tools, and plenty of cash ... and innovation will most assuredly come. Xerox PARC comes to mind, one of the last times anybody tried that recipe."

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Comment: Re:'Losses' (Score 1) 202

by lottameez (#30791776) Attached to: App Store Piracy Losses Estimated At $459 Million
Sounds like you are trying to justify your skewed perspective by labeling those who argue others as something they may not be. Intellectually dishonest much?

Syntactically challenged much? And for the record, what about my post is intellectually dishonest?

And speaking of skewed, your argument that you are just "making a copy of something" is outright laughable. There would be no opportunity for you to make that copy if the owner had not expended their creative abilities and time to create the original - thus you are diminishing that work's value by stealing it from them. Worse yet, you're trying to rationalize it as "just making a copy".

Is it as bad as property theft? No, I don't think that it is, but it is still stealing.

Comment: Re:The New Ethics in America (Score 1) 280

by lottameez (#30213274) Attached to: Recession Pushes More Workers To Steal Data
Morals are a two-way street.

Uh, no. The problem with the pervasive "well, they did it so I can too" attitude is that anybody can rationalize anything: "I think the other guy is probably cheating, so I will too". "I think my employer is screwing me over, so I'll screw them first". "The company's CEO is getting paid way too much so I'll just help myself to their products". The truth doesn't matter as long as you can come up with an excuse.

If you have conditionally based morals then you have none at all.

Comment: Re:Bubby? Is that you? (Score 1) 859

by lottameez (#30118710) Attached to: German Killers Sue Wikipedia To Remove Their Names
Sorry your moral relativism is complete BS. I used murder in the legal sense. They broke the law while killing someone. I acknowledge and even agree that they did their time, may have been rehabilitated, and thus are free. But scrubbing the record completely is an insult to their victim and the victim's family.

Is it possible that software is not like anything else, that it is meant to be discarded: that the whole point is to always see it as a soap bubble?