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Comment: Re:Pretty close to zero (Score 1) 240

by lothos (#46775169) Attached to: How much do you spend yearly on mobile apps?

Moon+ supports PDF, and when I looked at FBReader that was still a feature to be added. I didn't really look at FBreader very much because of that, but it looks very nice. I originally wanted Aldiko but it doesn't support storing books on the SD card on my device, since the internal memory is sdcard0. I basically got Moon+ because it was the first I came across with all the features I needed, and I had a free Google Play credit from buying the tablet :)

Moon+ will sync your reading position across devices, and it uses dropbox for that, but it's a feature I haven't used yet.

Comment: Re:Pretty close to zero (Score 1) 240

by lothos (#46706521) Attached to: How much do you spend yearly on mobile apps?

Android here as well, and I haven't purchased a lot of apps either.

I spent $3.99 on IP Cam Viewer a few years ago, and it was well worth it for keeping an eye on my home cameras. I also spent $4.99 on the Moon+ ebook reader last night for my new tablet. Great app, and something I'm happy to pay for. Other than a few 99 cent kindle books, that's all I've ever purchased. I still have $10 left of free Google Play credits from purchasing the tablet and no idea what to spend it on.

Comment: Re:You want all your eggs in one basket? (Score 1) 178

by lothos (#45261201) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Are the Complete Hosting Providers?

I don't. Few hosts have the brains and manpower to handle that many services at once. Pick the best for each one, and be glad that they're the best. Besides, if their data center is DDOS'd, you want all your services going down at once? Likely not.

I came here to post this as well. I'd rather have redundant servers in different geographical locations.


Misconfigured Open DNS Resolvers Key To Massive DDoS Attacks 179

Posted by Unknown Lamer
from the check-your-sources dept.
msm1267 writes with an excerpt From Threat Post: "While the big traffic numbers and the spat between Spamhaus and illicit webhost Cyberbunker are grabbing big headlines, the underlying and percolating issue at play here has to do with the open DNS resolvers being used to DDoS the spam-fighters from Switzerland. Open resolvers do not authenticate a packet-sender's IP address before a DNS reply is sent back. Therefore, an attacker that is able to spoof a victim's IP address can have a DNS request bombard the victim with a 100-to-1 ratio of traffic coming back to them versus what was requested. DNS amplification attacks such as these have been used lately by hacktivists, extortionists and blacklisted webhosts to great success." Running an open DNS resolver isn't itself always a problem, but it looks like people are enabling neither source address verification nor rate limiting.

Comment: I'll be "working" (Score 1) 231

by lothos (#42060077) Attached to: How Do You Participate In Black Friday?

I chose "I'm employed at a store, please don't yell at me", although I don't work at a retail store.

I run a coupon site for hosting and domain names, and Black Friday / Cyber Monday are very busy days for me. I'll be pretty much working those 2 days around the clock updating coupons and sales deals.

Last year I snuck out for a couple hours to Best Buy and got a great deal on a TV, but we don't need anything this year so I'll be doing my own shopping online.

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