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by lostmongoose (#47452093) Attached to: Obama Administration Says the World's Servers Are Ours
The data is stored in the EU and belongs to EU citizens. US law DOES NOT APPLY. It doesn't matter how much a government bureaucrat screams otherwise. Following the law where you do business goes both ways. EU citizens' data stored in the EU is protected by....wait for it.....EU LAWS!

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My history is your history

Except that it isn't...

Some people have privacy and security concerns, even though Comcast insists the public and private Wi-Fi networks are entirely separate and shielded from each other. Others worry that the public network will affect the private network's performance. Comcast says this isn't so.

In NL, some ISPs are doing the same. It's even a different public-facing IP address.

Of course, you can also turn it off. Though turning it off on your modem means you don't get to use it yourself on others' modems.

Comcast says it's fine and they would never ever ever possibly lie to get people to do what they want.

Buy this rock I have. It keeps bears away.

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"Economists, publishers, and readers no longer have confidence that a book will cost the same amount this week as it did the last."

Not sure I see the problem here. Books are like any other good. They're "true" market value is only as high as the target market is willing to pay. This is going to shift frequently. Sometimes up, sometimes down. Quality and available will play the same role with books, as with anything else.

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If you think your app is worth money, sell it. If you don't think people will buy it but still want people to use it, either release free w/o a catch (ads) or keep it to yourself. Ad supported "free" is a gift that keeps on taking form the user in the from of mobile data usage to retrieve those ads. Sell it for a fair price or give it away. Anything else, aside from not releasing it at all, is sleaze and designed to back door monetize your users.

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I realize facts are anathema to political discourse, but the president doesn't operate in a vacuum. Congress has just as much, if not more, blame than either Bush or Obama have. The sooner people see this, the sooner the messes can be cleaned up. Too bad it won't happen as long as The People are more concerned with Facebook, Twitter, et al.

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Actually Bill Gates still is active in promoting tech and tech education. Leaving MS didn't change his relevance. He's still out there doing things. He's not hiding from taxes, a wrongful death judgement and now police, somewhere in a drug addled daze talking to imaginary people and banging 13yr olds.

+ - Apple claims to have created over 500,000 US jobs->

Submitted by butilikethecookie
butilikethecookie (2566015) writes "There's been a lot of criticism of Apple in the past several weeks about how the company seems to tolerate poor working conditions at the third party factories where devices like the iPhone and iPad are made. Apple has since announced that it is working to hold special audits at those plants to help change and improve the workers' life at those plants. However, those plants are located in overseas locations, mainly in Asia, and some have asked that Apple make more of their products in its home country of the US.

Now, in perhaps in an attempt to do more spin control, Apple has posted up a new page on its official web site that claims the company has been directly or indirectly responsible for creating 514,000 jobs in the US. It cites one study by Analysis Group that claims the company has 47,000 employees in the US. That same study also claims Apple is responsible for creating 257,000 jobs at third party companies, including those that make Apple-based device components, transportation workers, sales jobs and other positions.

In addition, Apple claims that 210,000 jobs have been made in the US as part of the iOS app economy that began with the launch of the iPhone in 2007. Apple adds that it has generated over $4 billion in in royalties to App Store developers (although its likely that some of that money went to developers working outside the US). Apple also claims that the job search web site now lists over 5,000 iOS app developer jobs openings."

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