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Comment: Maybe this is the wrong fight? (Score 1) 535

by losthought (#44706459) Attached to: Pastafarian Wins Battle To Wear Colander In License Photo
I get that this is a "win" for freedom and that the religious shouldn't get special privileges... but isn't this guy and maybe everyone fighting to wear colanders on their heads in photo IDs missing the point of photo ID and why there are exceptions? The purpose of this photo is to identify you. If you are a Muslim woman who always wears a hijab or a Sikh man who always wears a turban because your religious beliefs tell you to then doesn't it make sense for you to wear one in your photo ID? Are Pastafarians walking around all day with colanders on? I don't think the reason for wearing the headgear should be the issue: just that it is an everyday occurrence. Perhaps I'm missing something, but I've never heard of someone claiming their religion requires that they only wear headgear in photos taken by the DMV.

Comment: Windows 32bit and PAE (Score 1) 313

by losthought (#41969163) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best 32-Bit Windows System In 2012?
First let me get this out of the way: the solution to your problem is to run your older apps in a VM. Compatibility mode works sometimes, but not always and actively hobbling your entire machine with an older, less secure, less new-hardware-aware OS just does not make any sense. If you need to run graphics-intense software that a VM just can't handle then dual-boot the older OS. With that said, simply buying a server OS or even hacking Win7 Pro to use PAE (Physical Address Extension) may not work the way you expect. The 4GB limit isn't just a license thing that Microsoft imposes. It is a 32bit limitation on addressable memory (look it up, even 32bit non-PAE 'nixes have this limit). PAE is a trick of the OS to address more memory than the 4GB limit, but your standard 32bit apps probably won't be able to access that extra memory. Very few Windows applications are PAE aware--MS SQL is the only one I've ever used with it--and everything else will simply sit in a 4GB bubble completely ignorant of the rest of the RAM in your machine. So, do yourself a favor and grab VirtualBox, VMware, or whatever floats your boat, use a 64bit OS and make life easy on yourself.

Comment: Re:I'm so confused (Score 2) 372

by losthought (#36399654) Attached to: Tennessee Bans Posting 'Offensive' Images Online
I'd mod you up to 6 if I had mod points and it were possible.

I am a Tennessee resident and also IANAL. I was about to get all up-in-arms and send an angry email off to Gov. Haslam's office when I read this story but, fortunately, I decided to actually read up on what this "new" law is. It is, indeed, an update to the Harassment laws on the books for TN. This law covers directed communication with a malicious intent. Simply re-posting goatse images on your blog does not put you in violation of this law. Re-posting goatse images with an attached threat to a specific individual or group probably would, though.

Should harassment be protected free speech?

Comment: Maybe not the phone's location. (Score 3, Funny) 353

by losthought (#35945362) Attached to: iPhone Tracking Ruckus Ongoing
Take it as you will but this dude seems to think this data isn't actually a log of where an iPhone user has been. He claims it is actually location data of the cell towers the iPhone has seen. Obviously that kind of data could give rough location data but not with any granularity or meaningful accuracy.

I do have an iPhone and have looked at my own data with the Tracker app. On the surface I would have to say there is some validity to this guy's claim because the location data on my phone included places I haven't been within 10 or 20 miles of ever. With that said I still installed the untrack app on my phone to dump the tables in the database where this data is stored, but that's mainly because my Tinfoil Hat Wearer's Club membership agreement required me to do so.

Comment: Reminder: Facebook is a business. (Score 1) 1

by losthought (#35894826) Attached to: Facebook shuts down Page that exposes scams
It is no surprise that Facebook does not want to host a public forum about how they are failing to protect users from rogue apps/pages/etc. What this really does is serve as a big reminder that Facebook is a business out to make money. Anything Facebook does as a company is to further the goal of making money which means not everything will be in the best interest of the users (or what the users think is in their best interest). By all means users should connect with their friends, keep track of bands and other media they're interested in, and anything else Facebook does to aid in social networking. But, those users also need to think twice before trusting anything on Facebook. Unfortunately, most do not.

Comment: Re:Not mutually exclusive. (Score 1) 735

by losthought (#35759000) Attached to: Tennessee Bill Helps Teachers Challenge Evolution

why would it be so wrong to believe that a creator would use the biological laws of the world he'd created to achieve said end?

This is exactly the point I try to make with the more devout+less educated cross section of my friends when this topic comes up. I truly don't understand why they think God would try to play some cosmic joke (burying fake dinosaur skeletons in the earth, etc) on the unbelievers. It makes far more sense that God would simply use the system he created.

Comment: Re:My experiences with the 3DS thus far (Score 2) 65

by losthought (#35677990) Attached to: Nintendo Downplays Reports of 3DS Flaws
I picked up my 3DS Sunday morning. My particular kit is very sturdy--including the hinge. A friend who bought his at the same time has had a minor issue with his hinge, though; basically with the same complaint the parent describes. He picked up the the black unit while I got the cobalt. I wonder if anyone has found any correlation between the color of the systems and hinge problems?

I have also experienced the black screen of death 3 times. One of those was after the firmware update. However, every single one of the crashes occurred within Ghost Recon: Shadow Warriors (a lot of fun, by the way) so I'm not sure that isn't just a problem with that particular bit of software. I also have Super Street Figher IV, which I have played extensively with no trouble.

Issues--head-aches, etc--seems to vary largely by person. I've yet to get headaches while using it but have experienced some discomfort with certain settings and games. I found that when I keep 3D on the lower end of the slider that I am able to play continuously with no trouble. On the upper end of the slider, though, I do experience many of the problems others have reported.

Comment: Re:What a Tragedy and No Charges? (Score 1) 1343

by losthought (#31441322) Attached to: Accidental Wii Suicide

But the fact that there are no charges being pressed enrages me.

Are you a parent? There's absolutely NOTHING they could do to the guy that would be worse than losing a child. I wouldn't be surprised if he winds up comitting suicide intentionally, with the same gun. I can't imagine how much this guy's hurting right now.

I'd also betting his marriage is over. Yes, charges of child endangerment could be filed, but no punishment is going to change anything; no punishment that state can inflict will come close to what he's done to himself.

I am a parent and literally incapable of imagining the loss of my child. The thought is too painful for my mind to conjure. However, you should not assume that all parents care for their children. Look around and you will find plenty of examples of parents who could not care less about their kids. Regardless, remorse does not absolve either the step-father or the mother from responsibility for their negligent acts.

Comment: IE Already Uncoupled (Score 1) 578

by losthought (#28300985) Attached to: Microsoft Will Ship Windows 7 in Europe With IE Unbundled
It should be noted that this is not some crazy technological feat. Internet Explorer is already uninstallable via the Control Panel in Windows 7. To comply with this all they have to do is not have it installed by default. I would imagine that they could even leave it in as an optional component to be installed later (like IIS or any other module). So all of you folks worrying about not having your massive Firefox download kit shouldn't.

Some others have also wondered how manual updates would be performed without Internet Explorer. Starting in Windows Vista this functionality was moved to a Control Panel applet. It was the same in Windows Server 2008 and is the same in Windows 7. So, no need for IE at all.

cheers, lost

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