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Comment: Re:3-D (Score 2, Informative) 261

by lostguru (#33916566) Attached to: <em>Hobbit</em> Film Finally Gets Green Light, To Be Shot in 3-D
Not all 3D content translates to 2D by just removing one image, just as a stereo signal does not become mono by removing one side. I don't know for live action, but in the CG world rendering in 3d means render one image for left, one for right, and one for 2d if that is different.

Comment: Re:Wonderful (Score 1) 123

by lostguru (#33378142) Attached to: Touchless Gesture User Interfaces
For a car radio this makes a lot of sense. Being able to just wave a hand in front of the unit instead of taking your eyes off the road to find a button (for those without steering wheel controls). I also imagine that if coupled with a audio interface this could work for certain applications in the blind community.

Comment: Re:Photocopying (Score 1) 286

by lostguru (#27900631) Attached to: MPAA Says Teachers Should Camcord For Fair Use
Unfortunately your school district is ahead of the game on network management, our teachers have now way of accessing a blocked site as nobody at the school has the password to bypass it. The one guy who does is mostly unreachable, and judging by the way it is setup (blocking portions of government sites, the obama campaign site, etc) an idiot.

Comment: Re:Photocopying (Score 3, Informative) 286

by lostguru (#27893911) Attached to: MPAA Says Teachers Should Camcord For Fair Use
Putting aside the fact that almost every teacher I have or have had in highschool with the exception of a few have been able to rip video clips off dvds, and the ones who couldn't would simply have student who was bright enough do it for them. Most schools/districts these days block youtube as well as facebook, myspace, etc, for reasons unknown as it seems to only serve the purpose of annoying teachers and students. Wonderful fun, our district also chooses to block many useful linux/programming sites as they could be used for hacking. SSH tunnels work for bypassing, but only if you're smart enough to get one set up.

Comment: Re:And why the hell do I need a driver for this? (Score 1) 363

by lostguru (#26894869) Attached to: Handset Vendors Plug Micro-USB Charge Ports
I'm willing to bet that it has nothing to do with the amount of power provided by the USB port and everything to do with the phone refusing to charge. My grandfather was recently in town and had forgotten the charger for his new motorola phone, I looked at the phone saw the micro usb port and figured it could be charged with an ipod usb charger and a micro usb cable. Oh how silly, plug it all in and the phone says "Unapproved power adapter" or something like that and refuses to charge.

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