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Comment: 4 hrs a a week + time and half for calls. (Score 1) 735

by los furtive (#30277094) Attached to: Should You Be Paid For Being On Call?
Worked as a software dev for a large banking firm in Canada. We were paid four hours a week just to hold the pager, and then time and a half for any calls we received, with 30 min automatically charged as soon as the pager rang. We couldn't travel out of the city when we had the pager, and had to limit drinking to meals.

Comment: Why a net? There's no resistance in space! (Score 1) 221

by los furtive (#30106836) Attached to: The Space Garbage Scow, ala Cringely
Why a net? There's no resistance in space and no medium that needs to pass through the net! Make it a big metal cup like the back of a dump truck. Drawback would be increased payload for launch, but it helps remove a lot of the risks others are describing such as the net breaking or contents of the net breaking up into smaller pieces.

+ - A popular social news site has been infected by ja-> 1

Submitted by
violent.ed writes "Someone has figured out a way to exploit a mouseover javascript event within the popular social-news site The javascript attacks the comments section which is designed to make one's web browser (Firefox 3.5.3 Confirmed) resubmit the exploit code as a reply to every existing comment in the existing thread, causing not only severe server load but locking up the browser of the affected client."
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