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Comment: Re:I hate this strategy of justifying exploitation (Score 1) 162

by lorinc (#48162497) Attached to: For Game Developers, It's About the Labor of Love

On the contrary, when a job is paid too much, people are doing it for the sake of money and not because they love to do it. Think of the politicians. They don't care that much about ideas, they are into opinions, and more favorably the ones that will get them the cash. That's why we get all these crappy laws.

Think of a fireworker paid a million dollars. At that rate, you'll get a bunch of real assholes that will do anything to get the job because of the money, but when the day comes they have to risk their life to save your ass, they'll just flee saying "f**k, that's not worth it".

So while I totally agree with you on the low pay justified by passion bullshit, my point is that we should not rely on high pay to expect the jobs to be done correctly. A job is done correctly iff the guy in charge is happy with his job done correctly.

Comment: Re: Monitoring software (Score 1) 236

by lorinc (#48105077) Attached to: Outsourced Tech Jobs Are Increasingly Being Automated

That being said, it can surely be further automated in the next decade to get rid of another 1/3. How many decades until there is only one guy at your factory that is in charge of rebooting the whole system if ever it fails?

It's not that automation is bad, it's actually great for the human condition, it's our society that cannot handle such evolution.

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by lorinc (#48066667) Attached to: Is an Octopus Too Smart For Us To Eat?

Self-preservation. We are people, hence by social contract we (no longer) eat each other. That way each of us can feel safe that others will not consume him. We consider people who violate that rule criminals or insane and deal with them appropriately.

There is no such social contract with animals. We can eat them and they, occasionally, eat humans too.


You can even extend this to why we don't eat cats and dogs. Dog owners don't want their neighbors to eat their precious family pet, and nobody want such a mess in society. These are self preserving rules of our society, and not things based on some fancy individual reasoning. Note that in not so ancient time, people did eat dogs in most Europe, but that was before dogs were common pet.

Comment: Re:I think this is a good idea. (Score 4, Informative) 282

by lorinc (#47856271) Attached to: Is It Time To Split Linux Distros In Two?

I am a linux sysadmin, and many of the packages required for desktop use not only don't apply to me, but are pretty well useless. I would love to see a distribution where any dependency on X11 was not only stripped out - but *compiled* out. I would love to see a distribution where systemd was not getting its mitts into everything.

It's called gentoo.

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