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Comment Re:Important Takeaway (Score 2) 160

At the lab, we replaced centos on our cluster with ubuntu, and almost none of my colleagues are running ubuntu on their laptop (I'm running debian - if that counts). The motivation was that gcc was so fucking old it didn't had half the C++11 functionalities we're using. We could have gone for debian testing or sid, but it's not something you want to do on a cluster that's going to run month long simulations...

Frankly, I think ubuntu server is the best choice today if you need a compromise between stability and bleeding edge. That probably more why it has all the market.

Comment Re:Can this bubble burst already? (Score 2) 44

I don't know. There is a part of me that says "yeah this is a bubble that's going to burst soon", and another part that says "wait, you've never seen that much improvement on such complex tasks before". Probably the future is in between, and parts of the deep conv nets are here to stay, while some others parts will rapidly be forgotten. But frankly, I don't know, which is a bit scary.

Comment Re:commentsubjectsaredumb (Score 1) 317

That is what will happen: Some scare top notch industrialized cities containing the few 1% and our robotic overlords, advancing technology and so on, while the remaining 99% will live outside like barbaric tribes of a preindustrial age.

You should read "To Live Forever" by Jack Vance.

Comment Re:In the US. (Score 1) 904

It takes like 40 minutes to charge a Tesla 80% of the way. That's a stop-off at KFC to eat while you use the charger in the car park.

You would really stop 3 times at KFC during a 1000km travel? I mean, It's not a joke about Americans, but...

Plus, there is no charger in the car park right now, and there won't be before sufficient numbers of ecars are on the road. But they won't be that many ecars on the road before you can charge them in the car park. Chicken and egg problem, you see.

Comment In the US. (Score 4, Insightful) 904

Again, this works in the US with big suburbs where everyone has a parking lot with an electric outlet. In other countries (like good old Europe), where most people live in apartments and there is just no way you can plug your car at night, it doesn't work. It is just impossible until you can refill your car in 5 minutes like with gasoline...

Oh, and many Europeans travel 1000+km on a single streak with their cars on holidays. Again, if the cars you want to sell have to wait 2 times 4 hours to refill in such travel, you're not going to sell many of them.

Ecars are good for commuters that live in houses. There are not many of them outside the US.

Comment init system (Score 4, Interesting) 383

There wasn't a decent unix-like kernel, you wrote one which ultimately became the most used.

There wasn't a decent version control software, you wrote one which ultimately became the most love.

Do you think we already have a decent init system, or do you have plan to write one that will ultimately settle the world on that hot topic?

Comment Re:smart people, including Bill Gates (Score 1) 367

The real problem is that the leisure society we all dream about isn't compatible with 7+ billion people. Why? Because the earth is too small to account for all resources exploitation necessary to perform these luxury automations.

Malthusian Nonsense. You could fit the entire world's population in New Zealand.

Do you understand the concept of "resources"? Of course the earth is large enough to have 7 billions biped mammals roughly 6 feet high. Densely compacted, it could even fit in less than that. Sustaining their energy consumption is a completely different story.

You should check that video:

How much space do you think it takes to allow you to change your phone every 4 months or to take the plane to see your mom on holidays? Do you still think the earth is big enough to sustain the energy requirement of 7 billion people living in the leisure society?

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