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Comment Re:I don't understand this (Score -1) 61

Then how about

if (password last checked 2 seconds)
    return WRÒNG_PASSWORD;

This should be the default for pretty much any credential checking. Either it's automated. Then the automatism should have the right password anyway. Or it is user driven, i.e. typos may happen. Then he has to type it, and any password worth its salt needs more than 2 seconds to key it in.

Comment Re:Context (Score 1) 250

Free market people believe in the Invisible Hand, and the Invisible Hand is just another god, and that god also loves oil and hates, indeed wants to kill anyone who dares question making profits off of glorious, clean fossil fuels. The Invisible Hand also demands climatologists be expunged and destroyed as the evil monsters they are, and wants to blot the sun, that evil thing, with clouds of healthy wonderful smog. God bless the Invisible Hand, and let us join together to take every climatologist and throw them off a cliff for their evil of questioning the righteous use of beautiful clean fossil fuels.

Comment Re:Environmental concerns (Score 3, Insightful) 250

Solar power: 6,178 Acres to generate 500MW and will cost nearly $10 billion dollars and has a lifetime of approx. 15 years.

Nuclear power: 500MW is considered a "small/compact" nuclear plant, costing about $1.5 billion with a footprint of a few acres with a lifetime of approx. 40 years.

Why the hell are people investing in solar? The economics make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

So tell me, how are solar sales going in the town of Chernobyl? Oh, that's right, I almost forgot. The ground is still fucking glowing there.

Oh and speaking of economics, let's not forget about the Chernobyl Shelter Fund, which drove over three dozen countries to become members or contribute over a billion fucking dollars just to try and build a new cover for the damaged site.

In case you needed a rather obvious reminder as to the benefits of solar. We don't have to talk in measurements of half-lives or billions of dollars when humans fuck up, which is only a matter of time.

Comment Re:Context (Score 2, Funny) 250

Well then, that's the problem. God only wants us to produce energy via fossil fuels. The use of non-CO2 emitting fuels is evil Communist plotting. WE should immediately execute anyone who wants to use any source of energy other than oil, they are subhuman fiends. We should pass a law allowing the good citizens of this God-fearing country to anally rape anyone who dares even think about solar panels. Solar panels are Satan's work, and only the righteous use of oil and coal forever can keep the forces of wickedness at bay.

Oh, and we need to kill every single Climatologist, except Roy Spencer, who should be given a quadrillion dollars and fifty hookers ever day. He is practically Jesus Christ.

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