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Comment: Re:Seems reasonable.. (Score 1) 1271

by lordshipmayhem (#39061267) Attached to: Doctors "Fire" Vaccine Refusers

Don't like my medical advice? Fine, go somewhere else. Seems perfectly reasonable and rational. If I were these doctors, I wouldn't want to feel responsible for the health of a child whose parents were demonstrably not interested in keeping their child healthy.

I agree. In addition, when their families are sitting in my waiting room, their non-vaccinated brood are spread infectious diseases to vulnerable patients - those too infirm or too young to be vaccinated.

Why should I permit the vulnerable patients to be exposed to vaccine-preventable diseases? Am I not responsible for their care even more than I am for those who prefer to ignore my advice?

Comment: Re:Are missing options deliberate? (Score 1) 167

by lordshipmayhem (#36707364) Attached to: When the Shuttle Atlantis launched Friday ...
I watched. I screamed, "Go, baby, go!!" I found myself wishing I was on it.

I also found myself wishing that a passenger-only replacement space plane was already in NASA's inventory. Let's face it, turning the Shuttle into a space truck made it unnecessarily complex and dangerous.

Comment: Enderle Group (Score 3, Informative) 343

by lordshipmayhem (#31499318) Attached to: Google Readying To Pull Out of China
"Rob Enderle, an analyst with the Enderle Group"

No, Rob Enderle is the Enderle Group.

Based on Rob's reporting history with companies like the SCO Group, Novell, IBM and Microsoft, I've long ago concluded he inhabits his own little fictional world.

This report is quoting quite heavily from Rob the Delusional. If he says Google is going, they're probably staying.

How come financial advisors never seem to be as wealthy as they claim they'll make you?