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The Internet

+ - Ars Technica begins battling Adblock users->

Submitted by lordlod
lordlod (458156) writes "Ars Technica has begun adding their own article content section to the AdBlock EasyList subscription service, with the effect of preventing all AdBlock users from reading the content of the site. Ars staffer Clintology explains: "We make nearly all our money by selling campaigns which are promises to deliver a set number of ad impressions. Ad blockers make it increasingly hard for us to meet those (you can imagine with a site full of technically inclined people we have a lot of ad blockers), which makes it harder for us to sell campaigns in the future." The new view they have taken is that a user who doesn't view the ads isn't a user worth keeping."
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+ - iKraft iBackflips on iSnack

Submitted by
lordlod writes "After just five days of non-stop ridicule iKraft has decided that the bastard child of combining Apple and O'Reilly's marketing might not actually work for a spread. So iSnack 2.0 is being retired.

Not that they have any better ideas themselves, another competition will be run allowing people to vote on the least atrocious name. Fortunately they have made enough product with the iSnack 2.0 name that we get to mock them for months until it sells out."

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