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Comment Re:Middle Class Taxpayers Subsidize Toys for Rich? (Score 1) 171

That is the short sighted version, but...

Basically, the incentives can be seen as a sort of support for the EV manufacturer who will sell more cars, and therefore will be able to scale up the production and design cheaper consumer friendly cars. E.g. Tesla is working on the Model 3 which will be more affordable, this was only possible by going the route from the roadster and model S.

Yes, the incentives may go to rich people (excluding people buying a Nissan Leaf), but the long term benefit is to get affordable EVs to everyone.

Comment Re:Citizen of Belgium here (Score 1) 1307

The Hellenic economy has been shit since the 19th century, before WWII. Several other countries where also destroyed but recovered better, Poland suffered immensely, but is now doing a lot better than Greece.

The problem in Greece is primarily the culture of doing business, severe clientelism associated with the lack of will to change. Part of this is the lack of independence of authorities. For example, the head of the Greek tax office does not have the power to decide who will work at the tax office. The last guy in charge of the Greek tax office got sacked when he tried to enact serious reforms presumably because he stepped on the wrong toes in the government.

Comment Re:Citizen of Belgium here (Score 1) 1307

Entrance into the EU and the Euro is in the end approved by the European Council. Thus, your eurocrats is amusingly enough actually the national governments.

I find it amazing how the "eurocrats" (normally implying employees at the European institutions), are blamed for the decisions of the European Council and the Eurogroup (which is the gathering of Eurozone finance ministers).

Comment Re:We all dance in the streets (Score 2) 192

CMake is a build system (ok, technically a meta build-system) like make i.e. it can build everything given the right rules and configuration. Most IDEs makes it painful beyond belief to build multi-language projects and especially projects where code is generated by custom tools.

It is not possible to compare CMake with VS, since the usecases are completely different.

CMake/autotools/make/etc is used when:
- you care about portability
- you have multiple languages in your application
- you have a sufficiently complicated setup with lots of autogenerated source files
- you want to have a debuggable build setup

VS/Xcode/Eclipse/Netbeans is usable when:
- you don't care about portability
- you don't care about being able to debug the build
- you don't have complex dependencies in the project

For larger projects, you likely will grow out of even CMake in that case you can write your own build system using tools like shake.

Comment Re:shenanigans (Score 1) 386

There has been research into differences between US states. Some of them, predominantly the one sharing a border with Canada have murder rates similar to Europe.

This has among other things been attributed to the more prevalent honour-culture in the southern part of the US (which has been experimentally validated).

Comment Re:I dont get it (Score 1) 551

Do you have the slightest clue about how a parliamentarian system works? Governments are not elected by the people, they are elected by the parliament and they can be sacked by parliament. Apparently, in Ukraine the president can be removed by the parliament (if not, the disposed president should have raised the issue with the supreme / constitutional courts, but this has not happened).

This is not a coup, it is democracy in play.

Comment Re:I dont get it (Score 1) 551

It does not matter whether there is a majority population of russian-speaking people in Crimea. Russia / USSR gave Crimea to Ukraine, they cannot take it back just like that. A civilized approach would have been to approach the Ukrainian government, asked them for it and offered a pile of money for it (e.g. free gas for 50 years or something like that...) and then had a discussion as civilsed persons. This never happened, and as the Russian logic goes at the moment, we can also argue that:

- St:Petersburg is built on occupied Swedish territory and should be handed back to Sweden.

- Karelia is Finnish (ok Finland is actually Swedish), and should be handed back to Finland.

- Kalingrad should be handed over to Germany, after all it was the center of Prussia, the most german of the german states...

- The Åland islands (who actually had a referendum about joining Sweden, voting 95 % for joining) and is part of Finland should be handed over to Sweden immediately.

- Anschluss was morally justified as the territories that Adolf annexed was "ethnic german".

- Ireland is english-speaking, so England has claim...

- US is English speaking and the Spanish speaking are "oppressing" the English speaking and the UK has moral justification to protect "the English" in the US.

- There are Dutch-speaking people in Belgium, so the NL should invade, they are oppressed by the French-speaking Belgians.

- Three are Flemmish-speaking people in the Netherlands, so Belgium should invade NL to protect the Flemmish/Dutch speaking people from the Frisians.

Where do you draw the line?

The fact is also that Russia signed an agreement leading to the dismantling of the Ukrainian nukes in order for a promise of respecting the integrity of the Ukrainian territory, no one can argue that Russia has not violated this pledge. The fact is that no Russians or Russian-speaking people where oppressed by the government in Ukraine.

There is NO casus belli whatsoever in this case, the Russians are blatantly ignoring international law, their own international commitments (to respect the Ukrainian borders) and are in principle acting like Germany in the 30s.

Comment Re:Who takes apart their laptop? (Score 1) 234

The issue aside (Mac Pro is not a laptop), a modular laptop is very important for many reasons. Especially when it comes to upgrading RAM and replacing disks when you realise that your initial diskspace is not enough. I don't think there are that many other things you need to replace yourself in a laptop though.

Comment Re:Damn I thought our news sucked (Score 1) 169

European SIGINT is much worse than the US SIGINT in many cases. While they tend to be stronger regulated, the SIGINT in Europe is effectively tapping every fiberoptic cable in the EU. NSA fiberoptic taps are on exit / entry points in the US, european state SIGINT taps the fiberoptic cables on exit / entry points of the country.

Consequently, if I email someone in NY from California, it is likely that the email content will never pass an NSA collection point/tap. If do something similar in Europe, say email from Spain to Sweden, the message is likely to be picked up by Spanish, French, Belgian, Dutch, German, Danish and Swedish intelligence.

Comment Re:Move to the US, or maybe Sweden. (Score 1) 201

The site in French Guyana was picked because it is close to the equator and you get an extra boost from the Earth's rotation there. Picking that site did not have anything to do with population density, though it would probably play a role if it was a problem.

Better to look at a site like ESRANGE in northern Sweden, this site was explicitly picked by the ESA because it was low on people.

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