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Comment Re:Why bother... (Score 1) 77

Haven't used Linux for ages. Under Windows I can have a deluxe NVIDIA driver installed right now.

The blob has the same performance in linux as in windows, games generally yield the same performance too, except for some that use a wrapper without decent optimization. See here for a januari test - The nvidia header file releases discussed in this article and their future plans might boost the opensource driver linux though, which performs badly.

Comment Re:Sweet, wait, huh? (Score 2) 105

It was a shill for a pay service. If you want to PAY for what is free elsewhere. Personally, I wouldn't pay for it. Chances are, the band who wrote it and plays it will never see the money, it goes directly to the owners of the song; the music industry. So, if you pay for music, you are actually encouraging an industry that steals intellectual property, rips off the artist and in most cases discards the artist after their peak of profit dwindles. Artists could do without the industry by simply giving away their music, as promotional, and charging to play live. No industry needed for this scenario. This is the age of the internet, the do-it-yourselfer, the tools are within everyones reach. A band doesn't need an industry, maybe a few friends to help is all, that is needed. Fuck the industry. Don't pay for music, it only encourages the middlemen to pump up the price and rip EVERYONE off, while contributing nothing of any real value. It is a parasite. Don't pay for music.

Because by not paying the artists will get more money?

Comment Re:Quite (Score 1) 226

Can you show me to stats which support your point that their user base is dropping (implied by: "they'll find their user base dropping away even further") In server environments I see a lot of companies increasing the amount of ubuntu installs. I can't speak for dekstop installations from professional experience but there is no metric I can find that shows it going down (only place I know can check are the steam stats, but thats just a subsection of linux users) and non-technical users mostly only know Ubuntu as far as linux goes.

Comment Re:only partially agree (Score 1) 157

Handsfree for me is not "fiddling with the phone". Unless you are talking about a headset but that's not really handsfree since you need to put in the earpiece and get your hands of the steeringwheel to actually take the call. So first you need to define handsfree to be able to compare. Why would a phonecall be handsfree if you need to use your hands?

Comment Re:fiber is fragile (Score 2) 242

This 100w power standard is pretty stupid, though. We're talking power levels where fires will definitely be possible from damaged USB cables.

As opposed to all of the current laptop chargers, AC power cords, DC converter bricks, etc out there now?

Those cables are built for that power, do you want to carry around usb cables that thick for every device that uses usb? Unless there is a way for the chipset to identify the cable (no high power if the cable is a type that's thinner than a certain size) it could be a risk.
You can't trust users to decide sensibly if the thin cable would be safe to charge your laptop if the connector is the same as the thick cable that came with the laptop. Lots of people reason that if it fits, it should work.

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