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Comment: better watch your back (Score 1) 121

Silicon Valley was nowhere in the 60s. Everything has it's rise and fall

Consider what happened around Boston, look at the wreckage of the computer industry there:

Symbolics, Lisp Machine, Prime, Data General, Wang, ComputerVision, and (of course) Digital Equipment Corporation.

For a while, route 128 was the epicenter of the American computer industry. Now, those companies are all dead.

It's coming for you, California! Silicon Graphics, Sun... Gone... HP is already circling the drain. Apple's remarkable boutique computer business can only last so long. The web companies are largely one-trick ponies, just waiting to lame up. (We saw what happened to Twitter's valuation last week...)

I call bullshit on this article.

Comment: 18 hours? Really? (Score 1) 389

The apple watch is a toy for geeks and arm candy for insecure rich extroverts.

How practical is a watch that needs to visit the (highly proprietary) charger after no more than 18 hours of "typical" use? If you are traveling and you forget the charge cable your watch turns into an expensive but useless bracelet. Your Swatch, Timex, Casio, Rolex, Patak, Seiko, etc. will still tell time.

Utterly ridiculous.

Comment: Change you can believe in! (Score 4, Insightful) 348

by lophophore (#49219867) Attached to: Obama Administration Claims There Are 545,000 IT Job Openings

2017 cannot come fast enough. The current administration in the white house does not even know what party it represents, what it stands for.

This is lunacy. There are not 545,000 IT job openings in this country. Look at, indeed, monster, etc. TRY TO GET A JOB.

I bet there are less than 100,000 real positions available.

This is just a red herring to let them open up the H1-B faucet and drive wages down. This would have been unsurprising coming from the republicans, but from the obama administration? Just more incompetence. Disappointing, but not unexpected.

Comment: crap article. (Score 2) 338

by lophophore (#49210303) Attached to: Google Chrome Requires TSYNC Support Under Linux

slashdot needs peer review, or something.

I'm running Chrome 41 on CentOS 6 -- that has kernel 2.6.32. I followed the link and one of the complaints was that Chrome remote desktop could not be installed. So I installed it. Works fine. No problems here.

Linux 3.17 clearly is not the minimum requirement.

(yes, it takes a shim to get Chrome to work on CentOS. It is a pain. see -- he figured out how to make it work, and it works well.)

Comment: it's not the kernel, it's the desktop! (Score 2) 393

by lophophore (#49071157) Attached to: PC-BSD: Set For Serious Growth?

It's not the kernel that the source of the problem. It's the desktop. Changing the kernel away from Linux is not going to do diddly squat if we are still saddled with KDE or Mate or Cinnamon or Gnome or Xfce or blasted Unity.

Linux has not won the desktop because the the Linux desktops all blow. I use Xfce, I like it the best because it stays out of my way more than the rest.

Why do so many hackers prefer Mac? It's not for the overpriced hardware. Is it because the suspend works so well? It cannot be for the GUI because the OS X GUI really blows.

Then there's Windows 8, an utterly unusable abomination...

This is now. Later is later.