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Comment let's print money with a perpetual motion machine! (Score 1) 1291

Let's print money with a perpetual motion machine!

The problem with this idea is the basic fact that the government has no money of its own. All the money the government gets comes from levies on the taxpayers. That's taxes.

The best indication of how naive this idea is comes right off their own page: http://www.basicincomeaction.o... -- Let's increase the money supply! If we print more, then we can give away more! Never mind that printing more money devalues the money that has already been printed. A death spiral.

To quote our friends from Monty Python: "what a stupid concept."

Comment Re:The level of ignorance is just sad (Score 1) 956

Me too. In 1970. I brought a box to school, all taped closed, with a switch and a blinking light. 2nd grade. Teacher asked me "what's that?". I answered "It's a bomb."

They called my mom. "XXX says he has a bomb. Does he really have a bomb?". "No, he has a vivid imagination." That was the end of it.

This really happened.

Comment linux based security is useless (Score 1) 212

You might get a picture of a thug carting off your tv and macbook. or not. either way, your stuff is gone, your door is smashed, your privacy is violated.

you're going about this all wrong.

physical security is a better bet. what you need to do is make your place much more difficult to break into than the neighbor's place, and make that very obvious. thieves are lazy. they will find an easier target in 99% of the cases.

Me, I would not live there. because you still have to park your car somewhere, and you still have to cart your stuff from your car into your fortress.

Comment 802.15.4 (Score 1) 278

You have got to wonder what they have up their sleeve to add support for 802.15.4. This is the stuff that Zigbee runs, meaning all of a sudden, there is a gateway between (relatively) expensive (relatively) high-speed wifi devices and a whole lot of (relatively) inexpensive (relatively) low-speed internet-of-things devices, like SCADA of light switches, HVAC controls, home entertainment, etc.

Very interesting, indeed. What is behind door #2?

Comment don't put utter bullshit on your linkedin page. (Score 3, Interesting) 634

"For 40 years, I programmed in C, C++ and Python, primarily in the Unix and Linux environments"

Really. Is your name Ken? I didn't think so.

You can't pull bullshit around smart people. Though maybe you don't notice it so much at a dairy farm.

C was not seen out side of Bell Labs until 1973 at the earliest, most likely 74 or 75, so *maybe* that is true. But the C Programming Language was published in '78, so I call BULLSHIT.

C++ was just a gleam in Stroustroup's eye until about 1983, so I call more BULLSHIT.

Python first hit the streets in '89 or '90, so more BULLSHIT.

Unix, unless you were at Bell Labs, was not seen anywhere until the earliest, 1974, so maybe not bullshit, but I'd still call more BULLSHIT.

And linux is not even 15 years old, so there's no way that anybody has been programming on Linux for 40 years, so still even more BULLSHIT.

Stupid recruiters can't tell the difference between bullshit and tasty chocolate, but Google does not have stupid recruiters.

Comment VMS on x86_64 with full POSIX (Score 1) 484

So I'm not biased or anything. But VMS (real VMS) with the full POSIX support, X Window Systen, running on commodity hardware with source, well, that would be pretty cool.

If I have to make a Franken-OS, I'd like to take the concept of logical names from VMS and bake that in.

For those of you that don't know what that is, you DEFINE a name, to another name, or list of names. You can use that new name like any other name in the system, including the name of a file system. This seems useless on the surface, but the real power is that you can define a name to a list. This could be compared to your unix shell PATH on steroids that have been taking steroids. It is one of the key concepts that lets VAXcluster work. It makes a file system location work like a search path.

I'm a little rusty (is has been almost 25 years) but as I recall, on a cluster node, the logical name SYS$SYSROOT mapped to a list of SYS$SPECIFIC, SYS$COMMON, which allowed the system to have local configuration files that overlayed the cluster's common files. You could set up a logical name for anything that could be named, devices, queues, users, whatever. Very powerful.

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