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Comment Re:Why New Hampshire? (Score 4, Informative) 388

1. it is a small state, with about 1.3 million residents
2. it is a rich state, #6 on per-capita income and household income
3. there are jobs to be had, the state has a favorable economic climate
4. there's a lot to do, mountains, lakes, the ocean.
5. no sales tax, no income tax (OTOH property taxes are very high)

Comment Visit your local store. (Score 1) 138

Visit your local surplus stores and buy stuff. Let's keep these places in business.

Or when traveling. If you go to Orlando, you should visit Skycraft. You can spend a long time browsing in there. And buy stuff the TSA is never gonna let you take on the plane.

ESS in Manchester NH is a good place for some odd stuff, too.

And as one other poster mentioned, there are a lot of components and other oddities to be had at hamfests, especially the bigger ones.

Comment more proprietary stuff from Apple (Score 0) 412

More proprietary stuff from Apple, and is anyone surprised? This is bad for the consumer, but great for Apple's stockholders.

What happened to their D-shaped 3.5 mm plug they patented recently? another proprietary connector that nobody's headphones -- except Apple's -- will fit.

Don't even get me started on the patented and essentially single-source MagSafe, and the MagSafe to MagSafe 2 converters.


Comment flawed "research" (Score 5, Insightful) 199

30 mA will light most modern LEDs screaming bright. Or very bright, at least.

Deciding that the camera is not uploading images to the cloud based on power consumption is like deciding that water is wet by looking at clouds... I did not see any mention of ethernet packet capture in TFA. You want to see if the thing is uploading? show me some captured packets.

The argument is specious at best. It is a wireless camera, administered over an internet connection. In "power down" mode it still needs a way to be powered back on -- so it needs to keep its microprocessor and wifi radio on.

The researcher says that power down mode should reduce current by 10-100 times. Let's see. 1/10 of the 322 mA cited for 360p "video record -- no motion" would be 32 mA. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say you cannot run a microprocessor and wifi radio at that power level. And the 1/100th? 3.2 mA? NFW.

TFA is a troll, perhaps by a shill. it is a crock of shit, and it stinks.

Comment let's print money with a perpetual motion machine! (Score 1) 1291

Let's print money with a perpetual motion machine!

The problem with this idea is the basic fact that the government has no money of its own. All the money the government gets comes from levies on the taxpayers. That's taxes.

The best indication of how naive this idea is comes right off their own page: http://www.basicincomeaction.o... -- Let's increase the money supply! If we print more, then we can give away more! Never mind that printing more money devalues the money that has already been printed. A death spiral.

To quote our friends from Monty Python: "what a stupid concept."

Comment Re:The level of ignorance is just sad (Score 1) 956

Me too. In 1970. I brought a box to school, all taped closed, with a switch and a blinking light. 2nd grade. Teacher asked me "what's that?". I answered "It's a bomb."

They called my mom. "XXX says he has a bomb. Does he really have a bomb?". "No, he has a vivid imagination." That was the end of it.

This really happened.

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