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Comment: Re:no (Score 1) 285

My bad. According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturn_V#S-IC_first_stage the first stage uses RP-1 (aka kerosene) and LOX. I thought it used liquid hydrogen.

As for most exotic and difficult to handle fuel, I think that would include liquid fluorine (FLOX) or nitrogen tetroxide.

Comment: Re:no (Score 1) 285

"Our Environment. Sure launching a rocket into space take huge amounts of carbon."

So what takes a large amount of carbon?
Burning liquid oxygen and hydrogen?
Manufacturing the liquid oxygen and hydrogen?
Manufacturing the aluminum?
Perhaps it takes a lot of *energy*, but I don't know where a huge amount of carbon is involved. Help me out.

Comment: Re:I dislike M$ as much as the next guy.... (Score 1) 404

by lopgok (#43915817) Attached to: Google Security Expert Finds, Publicly Discloses Windows Kernel Bug
I have no problem with it. He has no responsibility to microsoft, or to anyone who has purchased microsoft software. He did the research on his own time. He owns it, and is responsible only to himself.

I see nothing inexcusable about it. If you don't like it, you should pay someone to find bugs with the software you use. You can do that, but I bet you don't. If some bugs are found by someone, it sucks to be you. Get the source code and audit it yourself. You do have a microsoft windows source code license, right? If not, whose fault is that?

I write software. Sometimes I publish it. It is my work. Sometimes I find bugs. I have reported bugs to DEC, prime, microsoft, sun, redhat, fedora, suse, mandriva, mageia, and others. If they listen to me and respond, then I report more bugs. Since microsoft ignores my bug reports, I have stopped sending them bug reports. My choice.

Comment: Re: Fired for it? (Score 1) 404

by lopgok (#43915731) Attached to: Google Security Expert Finds, Publicly Discloses Windows Kernel Bug
So how was it wrong?

He did some research.

He published it.

Was he under any obligation to show it to google? to microsoft?
I don't think so.
This 'protocol' you speak of is just what some people want. That doesn't make it correct, common, or required.
He has done nothing that should get him fired. If he were, he could sue someone's a$$.
Get a clue.

Comment: Re:But not to give them a chance to correct it fir (Score 1) 404

by lopgok (#43915495) Attached to: Google Security Expert Finds, Publicly Discloses Windows Kernel Bug
Is he on microsoft's payroll? If not, why should he inform them? Because they screwed up and didn't find their own bug? He can do whatever he wants to do with his research. He can tell Microsoft. He can post the info. He call sell it to the highest bidder. It is his work. If microsoft really cared, at least they could offer a bug bounty. That would show they are serious about getting bugs out of their software.

Comment: Re:Danger. (Score 1) 240

by lopgok (#43188747) Attached to: Brian Krebs Gets SWATted
It was a blue pick up truck, not a van, but it certainly was not a nissan titan, nor was it the correct color.

I suspect that the people who shot up the 2 vehicles, will end up paying a high price, which really means that the people living in the cities will end up paying a high price.

Comment: Re:More details (Score 1) 1176

by lopgok (#42923235) Attached to: Driver Trapped In Speeding Car At 125 Mph
There is no car made that has a more powerful engine than the brakes. What is interesting, is that even if you are going 200kph, have the throttle fully depressed, it only takes about 10-15% longer to stop the car using the brakes. I think that Jay Leno made a car with a monster engine of around 20+ liters that had crappy drum brakes. For that car, I don't think the brakes would stop the car if the throttle was fully depressed. A few years ago, car & drive did a test using a 400+ hp corvette. Stopped just fine. If the brakes are defective, of course all bets are off.

Comment: Ask Paul Erdos about speed (Score 1) 878

by lopgok (#41923453) Attached to: Do Recreational Drugs Help Programmers?
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Erd%C5%91s "After 1971 he also took amphetamines, despite the concern of his friends, one of whom (Ron Graham) bet him $500 that he could not stop taking the drug for a month.[34] Erds won the bet, but complained that during his abstinence mathematics had been set back by a month: "Before, when I looked at a piece of blank paper my mind was filled with ideas. Now all I see is a blank piece of paper." After he won the bet, he promptly resumed his amphetamine use."

Comment: Re:Practical? (Score 1) 331

by lopgok (#41529525) Attached to: A Honda Civic With no Gas Tank (Video)
I am not sure what you mean by 'comically thirsty'. Mine usually gets 60 miles per gallon. The worst mileage I got was when I drove in the desert when it was well over 100 degrees F, and I was driving 80mph. I got about 48 miles per gallon. I suppose there are some turbo diesels that get better mpg, but they are not sold in my country. I think you are a bit confused.

Comment: Re:2003 Nissan Pathfinder Conversion (Score 1) 331

by lopgok (#41529435) Attached to: A Honda Civic With no Gas Tank (Video)
Your custom solar panel produces 600w? Where? In outer space? I have 200w panels, and I don't think 2 would fit on top of a pathfinder. And mine are 18% efficient at the panel level, which is pretty efficient. Perhaps if you use multi-junction space grade cells, you could get 600w, but that would cost more than a new pathfinder.

Comment: Re:People who don't believe in heroes... (Score 1) 480

by lopgok (#41127209) Attached to: Astronaut Neil Armstrong Has Died
That is because Neil Armstrong was being interviewed by Sir Patrick Moore https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrick_Moore Moore is a pretty famous amateur astronomer, who is quite well educated in astronomy. Sorta analogous to Carl Sagan.

If you had a contemporary interviewer of similar stature fo Moore, I suspect they would ask similar questions.

The only question is would it air on prime time TV. In my opinion, British TV is generally far more scholarly than US television.

Comment: Re:No safe on-site storage (Score 1) 326

by lopgok (#40956657) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best On-Site Backup Plan?
I am not sure what an 'expensive expensive' gun safe is, but the gun safes i have seen that weigh 500 come from costco or sams club and are not expensive. It is hard to imagine a house fire hot enough to melt steel. Even 9-11 only partially melted the steel structure. You would think a large steel box should be easy to spot after a fire...

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