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Submission + - Exploding Bombs in Space: One Special Holiday->

longhairedgnome writes: Any chance the government would let us vote on doing this again sometime, just for shits-and-giggles?

Starfish Prime

The Americans launched their first atomic nuclear tests above the Earth's atmosphere in 1958. Atom bombs had little effect on the magnetosphere, but the hydrogen bomb of July 9, 1962, did. Code-named "Starfish Prime" by the military, it literally created an artificial extension of the Van Allen belts that could be seen across the Pacific Ocean, from Hawaii to New Zealand.
In Honolulu, the explosions were front page news. "N-Blast Tonight May Be Dazzling: Good View Likely," said the Honolulu Advertiser. Hotels held what they called "Rainbow Bomb Parties" on rooftops and verandas. When the bomb burst, people told of blackouts and strange electrical malfunctions, like garage doors opening and closing on their own. But the big show was in the sky.

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Submission + - Verizon employees fired for snooping obamas record-> 1

longhairedgnome writes: "The curiosity in President-elect Barack Obama's phone records came with a high price tag for Verizon Wireless employees. According to CNN, the workers who snooped on Obama's phone records have been fired. "This was some employees' idle curiosity," a company source told CNN and added "we now consider this matter closed."

Justice served? What about legal possibilities?"

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Submission + - Health, electronic smoking substitute->

longhairedgnome writes: "From the article: "Health campaigners have called for detailed research to be carried out into the health implications of electronic cigarettes, whose popularity has been boosted by the introduction of the smoking ban last year." Electronic cigarettes, which vaporize liquid nicotine and the breathed into the lungs are becoming more popular, I was wondering about slashdot's experience with them"
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Submission + - Live Action Star Wars TV Show->

longhairedgnome writes: "Lucas, who joked the series would analyse "the life of robots", said the US TV networks were "having a hard time" comprehending his vision. "They're saying, 'This doesn't fit into our little square boxes.' And I say, 'Well, yeah, but it's Star Wars." The saga began in 1977 with the original Star Wars, which went on to spawn two sequels, three prequels and a number of other projects. Last year producer Rick McCallum said the proposed TV spin-off could run to at least 100 episodes."
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It's time to boot, do your boot ROMs know where your disk controllers are?