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Comment more specifically, a clustering algorithm (Score 1) 39

I guess anything but trivial clustering algorithms are "machine learning", but rather than "using machine learning" it'd be more straightforward to describe them as having "applied a clustering algorithm" to see if calls can be grouped into, well, different clusters. That is an idea that's been floating around biology now and then, with a lot of work on clustering bird calls especially.

Comment I've seen nothing but Bizarro World from them (Score 1) 37

Bush and Christie hitting one-time Senator Rubio out on lack of experience when Bush's Texas governor brother took the white house in peacetime with a balanced budget and in a boom and left with two wars, the worst economy since the Great Depression, and history's largest deficit. Then a one term Illinois Senator took that and is leaving office with low unemployment, a lower deficit, and a good economy. They're nuts.

Not that Rubio is any more sane.

Comment Re:can't the state do something about this? (Score 1) 153

It depends on the state and how they structure the sector, but they often have more leverage over utility companies than they would over a normal company. Utility companies typically have contracts with the state or with the state's utility districts, which at least in principle they could attach various requirements to.

Comment Re:hyperloop without the hyper or loop (Score 1) 195

HSR is a non-starter for most locations, IMHO. The cost is way too high for it to be functional.

Hyperloop is, from what I understand, way more flexible than HSR, and just as fast (or faster), with less of the overhead. That would make it a good replacement for larger citys like LA or NYC or even in metroplexes like SD-LA and the whole Beltway on the East Coast. It might even work for San Diego - Seattle or Boston-Miami runs.

Which is why I would suggest that if they start building it, start in NYC or LA with Proof of concept. The problem is, that nobody is going to build semi-permanent infrastructure for Proof of concept, as it is really egg-chicken problem.

Comment Re:What's a DLL? (Score 5, Informative) 132

Dynamic Link Library. Typically a shared resource that can be dynamically loaded and unloaded when needed, and often shared among programs.

The problem with DLLs are that there are many versions of the same DLL that often need to run at the same time. Which means that you can substitute one version for another, and hijack a program. Nothing new here.

Comment Re:That guy looks and sounds like a pompous ass (Score 1) 72

You can listen to sweet lies, or you can listen to cold hard truth. I know people would rather listen to lies told sweetly than someone speaking truth.

I've started saying "Am I wrong" when people dismiss what I say, because of how I say it, not because of the content of my message. "You're mean" "Am I wrong?" "well no ... but .... "


Comment Re:If you want to lose all your data. (Score -1, Offtopic) 166

Read the context of GEN 24, where the word is first used. It doesn't mean what you think it means. But of course, bigots don't care about truth.

See also Gen 34:3

I do read Hebrew by the way. :-)

And I am not a Christian.

Your assumptions are more evidence of your bigotry. As is your hiding behind AC status. You should go back an hide under the bridge, troll.

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