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Comment: Re:Anti 1984 sign (Score 0) 97

by sillybilly (#48912077) Attached to: EFF Unveils Plan For Ending Mass Surveillance

Actually I love mass surveillance, where I get to constantly bitch about how I hate it, and they do it "illegally" as in catching somebody speeding on cameras, or knowing someone is cheating on their wife, etc. It used to go under the term "gossip" in villages without which village communities cannot self regulate, and same should go for mass surveillance. It should be done to the maximum possible extent, but should be kept illegal to the maximum possible extent too, such as its recordings without warrants never holding up in court, not allowed to be broadcast on tv or internet, etc. Like traffic cams without a police officer present, no. The tv show COPS is a different story, you see what an officer sees, but this omnipresent surveillance machine of bugs and spying and secret cameras invade too much on privacy, without warning, without effort on the part of invaders, and create an unhealthy balance for power abuse. Like I don't want no traffic camera issued speeding tickets, but I love police officer issued ones, and in all this I still want them to see if anyone speeds on cameras. But they gotta be like a catholic priest with a vow of silence after a confession. He can pedal things in the village to mend the situation without openly being able to discuss what exactly he heard. That's what this surveillance technology creates, high tech confessions and only specially selected people taking a vow of silence should be able to perform it and review it. I do not go to confessions much, but say, if I made a mistake, and got drunk and got a girl pregnant without my wife and kids knowing about it, and that girl wants to go through with the pregnancy and does not want to abort, the best thing to do is to tell the priest, who summons the elderly women and subtly guides them or hints what the task is, who love such a task of descending on your wife and taking care of her if she happens to ever find out, as an emotional support network, without actually telling her, and also arrange for the illegitimate out of wedlock child to be born, and to be well taken care of. That child is not a waste, a precious being, and also a stable family should not be broken up over it. The situation is known by many, it is cared for by many, and it's a complex situation that's very difficult to manage without the support network initiated by a confession booth and the elderly women who are not isolated off or shipped off to nursing homes. If anything, I think as soon a woman hits post menopause, she instantly qualifies to be a surveillance person of traffic cameras, cellular trackings, etc, and take that vow of silence that priest do about confessions, and their findings and recordings should always be considered illegal, not to hold up in court or broadcast on TV, other than maybe as statistics.

Comment: Re:The solution is obvious (Score 1) 496

It's not their fault if the manufacturer refuses to compile, test, and push out the updates (with their carriers' blessings) which they accepted full responsibility for doing.

It isn't even this. Manufacturers could release the binary blobs for the hardware for people like CM to use to build Android for obsolete hardware platforms. But the fact that Carriers are requiring LOCKED devices from Manufacturers is where the real problem lies.

Which is why Google produces (or has produced for them) the Nexus line of phones and tablets. And why I bought two OnePlusOnes. Support the manufacturers that do it right.

Comment: Re:Translation ... (Score 3, Interesting) 371

A Government that is not ethical, that is also Democratic, is exactly what the people vote for. You get what you deserve. Bush was bad, Obama was worse, as it was with Clinton, Bush 41, Reagan, Carter ....

If you look you see a pattern going back to Kennedy who was probably shot for going off the reservation (IMHO)

Comment: Kentucky (Score 4, Funny) 119

by Greyfox (#48899393) Attached to: Fark's Drew Curtis Running For Governor of Kentucky
If you live outside of Kentucky you might only know them for their derby. What many people don't know is that Kentucky also makes some of the finest jelly around, and that many stores outside the state carry it. So if you've never had the experience, you should pop 'round to your local grocer and ask about Kentucky jelly today!

Comment: "Fewer crossbar resources"? (Score 1) 145

by Greyfox (#48896277) Attached to: NVIDIA Responds To GTX 970 Memory Bug
What kind of talk is that? We need to come up with some decent excuses for why Nvidia can't access the last 500M of RAM! I'm going to suggest that it's global warming! The video card was designed for a room temperature of less than 80 degrees Fahrenheit but ever since global warming, room temperatures have been warmer than that!

Comment: Yup (Score 2) 109

by Greyfox (#48896261) Attached to: Bomb Threats Via Twitter Partly Shut Down Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport
If they think the threat is designed to secure passenger/crew compliance for another 9/11 style attack, yeah, I think they would shoot down a civilian aircraft if it didn't respond to their orders. Of course, passengers and crew these days expect any such threat to result in another 9/11 style attack and have proven repeatedly that they will beat the shit out of and quite possibly kill anyone trying to pull shit on their airplane. So the fighter jet is still just multi-million-dollar dick waving. It's probably more to let terrorist organizations know that we will shoot a plane down if we have to, rather than because we expect that we'd actually have to.

Comment: Re:What's this? (Score 1) 8

by mcgrew (#48892311) Attached to: Well, crap...

Amazon was an experiment. I read the library's copy of Andy Wier's The Martian, really liked it, and googled to see if he had any more titles. Wikipedia said that he couldn't get a publisher so he introduced it as an Amazon ebook, it went to their best seller list, and a publisher bought the hardcover rights for a six figure sum.

So I thought, what the hell, why not give it a try? I thought it might give me extra exposure, but I was wrong.

Comment: Re:Why lay fiber at all when you can gouge wireles (Score 4, Insightful) 194

by Archangel Michael (#48889129) Attached to: Verizon About To End Construction of Its Fiber Network

There is VZ and ATT, and then there is Sprint and T-Mo.

I've had all four in my area, and VZ by far has the best coverage. It isn't even close. I curently have T-Mo and the speed is much better, but coverage much worse than ATT and VZ. I'll give up a bit of coverage for better speeds.

As for Fiber vs Cable vs Wireless, Fiber will win on raw speed every time. The issue is the cost for last mile, and always will be. Which is why I recommend that Municipalities start looking at building out their own infrastructure and offering CONTENT/INTERNET providers the opportunity to compete for the last mile customers.

Right now, there is no competition, only franchise agreements that limit competition.

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