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Comment Re:think again? u aint thunk yet (Score 1) 520

Except that when you violated the agreement you were no longer allowed to use their resources. So you became unauthorized on their network when you shared it. Guess what the cops do when they need to justify the expense of sending swat team out? Yeah case went from porn to a hacker, and your ISP may be inclined to agree to keep on the good side of law enforcement.

Comment Re:seems reasonable (Score 1) 277

Actually, just about no one pays the $750. Its all part of a very big pricing game that the health care industry plays with insurance. After all you are really happy with you insurance that you only had to pay $5 right. The company providing the test must have still been able to make money off of it or they wouldn't offer the test. If you don't have insurance and can't afford the $580 price, they allow you to "negotiate" them into settling for a lot less than the $580.

Good thing the new health care setup will get rid of this playing with prices. Oh, wait...

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