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by loimprevisto (#45232361) Attached to: Wikipedia's Participation Problem
I find that the best place to contribute is on The community of editors is much more welcoming and there's a lot of work to be done there that really only requires a basic understanding of the subject and written communication skills. I've yet to see an edit war on Simple, but then again I haven't gone looking for one either...

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Who knows? A small list could include current or potential employers, advertisers/profilers, law enforcement, stalkers, and anyone else who could possibly be interested in your for the rest of your life. Perhaps a poster will want to run for public office in 30 years, only to have something they wrote come back to haunt them. Just look at what happens during congressional vetting of presidential appointees now, and imagine how bad it will be when these people come from a generation where much of their correspondence is available through either public research or rubber-stamped warrants...

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I'd imagine more people are posting AC because the internet is becoming a less friendly place. If you use the same handle for long enough in enough places then it becomes easier and easier to track your username back to your RL identity. With everything on the internet being logged and mined in more and more ways I can completely understand the desire to not be subjected to a permanent archive of your comments that could be used against you at some point in the future.

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Sometimes the police are the rapists, or the rapist is a prominent member of the community who targets a vulnerable person and makes them think that nobody would ever believe them if they spoke out. Many victims are not comfortable speaking out until months or years after the attack, when some of the details may have faded from memory and could make their testimony difficult to use in court when a jury is expecting CSI like details. If the rape victim does decide to testify and makes it through all of the hurdles of convincing a prosecutor to press charges, then they have to deal with a defense attorney who will do everything possible to slander his or her character and convince the jury that the sex was consensual and that 'it was all just a misunderstanding'. If anything, "nightmare" is an understatement.

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