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People talk at a volume appropriate to their own surroundings, and they forget that the other person on the call isn't in the same environment. You usually have to talk loudly in noisy places - turns out it isn't necessary on the phone, but a lot of people don't realise that.

Also, we are trained to treat "half-conversations" as high priority interrupts. If you hear "Hello!" ... followed by a silence ... it calls your "maybe they are talking to me?" handler. And even after you've suppressed the interrupt, it still wakes you up. Really annoying, but kind of interesting once you realize what's going on.

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Definitely. We used to call it "PPL" - Property-file Programming Language - the tendency for simple name-value property files to acquire strange little bespoke syntaxes and nesting structures. The question isn't whether you will do it - it's how soon you face it and how elegantly you'll achieve it.

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