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Comment Re:ok, but... (Score 1) 178

I can, but I have 20-10 vision. But I suspect you could actually tell the difference if you had 20-20 and you set a 28" 4k and 8k side by side. Even if you can't quite discern an individual pixel you would probably still see some aliasing until you get 2x or even higher pixel density than an individual pixel is discernible at.

Comment Re:Don't we (the US) already have that... (Score 1) 1291

I like the idea, but I think the biggest problem is that the amount of a "living wage" is very subjective. I'm sure we could afford enough for everyone to survive just fine, but I doubt we can afford what many people would consider "living wage".

Have there been any studies on if we can actually afford it? I've seen plenty of articles on how great it would be and why we should do it but every single one has ignored how much everyone would get and if we can actually afford to do it.

Comment Re:YAY (Score 1) 266

I do, but when I first started it was a lot like what the parent thinks is ideal. We were basically code monkeys and made whatever our sales team sold, and they basically just let the clients come up with the designs. We knew our products were terrible but the people higher up thought they were fine. We had a very high turnover.

We fought really hard to change that. It wasn't easy at all. We finally convinced them with a prototype we made on our own time that blew away the terrible stuff we had been making. We showed it to the CEO and other higher ups and it impressed them enough to change how we did things.
Now our productivity is exponentially higher, our products are awesome and practically sell themselves, and we have much lower turnover.

Comment Re:YAY (Score 4, Insightful) 266

Your generalization of liberal arts graduates is almost as bad as your idea of an ideal workplace.

In a productive workplace the workers aren't drones that perform simple tasks as they are ordered from the top down. You end up with a CEO that knows nothing about technology deciding what technology to use on a product that has no value and doesn't work.

In a real productive environment there is open communication between all employees. People higher up explain problems they want to solve to the technical people and the technical people come up with ways to solve for the problem the other people didn't even know existed. Then they collaborate and decide what the best solution is. This way you solve the actual problem and do it in the most efficient way possible.

Comment Re:65 VW Bug (Score 2) 373

OnStar is easy to disconnect. On my car I simply opened up the trunk and disconnected 2 exposed cables, no tools required. They may have changed that though, I have a 2009 model.

I remember seeing a forum post from someone asking how to disconnect OnStar when it first came out and people ridiculing the user as a conspiracy theorist nutjob. Later it was revealed that onstar sold data to local police which lead to an influx of people searching how to disconnect it and seeing that as the first result.

Comment Re:Agile - like everything else it is good and bad (Score 2) 208

I'm a certified-scrum-mastering, extreme-programming, object-mocking, unit-testing, pair-programming, test-driven-programming, domain-driven-programming, behavior-driven-programming, continuously-integrating, no-designing ninja! How dare you claim that I'm just selling buzzwords!

- Agilista

Sorry, we're looking for Rockstar developers.

Comment Re:millions of online viewers (Score 1) 48

I didn't think it was that big either, but this is what the article says:

A total of 4.3 million viewers tuned it to last year’s Grand Finals with a peak of 120,000 concurrent viewers. We’re expecting to top those numbers as we can see already a tremendous interest and engagement with our WoT community around this year’s Grand Finals.

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