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Comment Re:65 VW Bug (Score 2) 373

OnStar is easy to disconnect. On my car I simply opened up the trunk and disconnected 2 exposed cables, no tools required. They may have changed that though, I have a 2009 model.

I remember seeing a forum post from someone asking how to disconnect OnStar when it first came out and people ridiculing the user as a conspiracy theorist nutjob. Later it was revealed that onstar sold data to local police which lead to an influx of people searching how to disconnect it and seeing that as the first result.

Comment Re:Agile - like everything else it is good and bad (Score 2) 208

I'm a certified-scrum-mastering, extreme-programming, object-mocking, unit-testing, pair-programming, test-driven-programming, domain-driven-programming, behavior-driven-programming, continuously-integrating, no-designing ninja! How dare you claim that I'm just selling buzzwords!

- Agilista

Sorry, we're looking for Rockstar developers.

Comment Re:plenty of performance for almost everyone (Score 1) 45

I would think it would be at least as good as the G3's which is probably the best in a phone. I upgraded from an S3 to the LG G3 and the camera was a huge upgrade. I like pretty much everything about the LG G3, but it is a downgrade in contrast and color saturation going from OLED to LCD.

Comment Re:millions of online viewers (Score 1) 48

I didn't think it was that big either, but this is what the article says:

A total of 4.3 million viewers tuned it to last year’s Grand Finals with a peak of 120,000 concurrent viewers. We’re expecting to top those numbers as we can see already a tremendous interest and engagement with our WoT community around this year’s Grand Finals.

Comment Re:Tearing (Score 1) 63

Actually it does a great job eliminating jitter.

Jitter is usually caused by small fluctuations in frame rates which happens in pretty much every game. With GSYNC the monitor displays the frame as soon as it is rendered, so if frame one takes 16.42 ms to render and the next frame takes 16.01 ms to render the motion will still be smooth. With a normal monitor you would get a slight jitter.

The only jitters GSYNC can't fix are in poorly programmed engines, typically seen in bad console ports.

I've been using GSYNC for over a year (originally with the GSYNC upgrade kit and now with a ROG Swift). If I ever turn GSYNC off I notice jitter immediately. GSYNC is one of those things that once you start using you can never go back.

Comment Re:Why still 1080? (Score 1) 63

Because that would defeat the point of an ultra-wide monitor. 1200 vertical pixels would make it less wide. There would be none of the "advantages" you get from 16:10 over 16:9 by using 21:10 instead of 12:9. And 1920x1080 content would scale terribly on 21:10 in full screen.

Comment Re:VR Demands Specialized Input Devices (Score 1) 124

For first person games you just use keyboard and mouse like you always have; moving with the keyboard and turning with the mouse. The only difference is you can also independently turn your head without turning your entire body by using the head tracking on the VR set. You can also tilt your head instead of being constrained to an axis so it really adds a lot to the immersion. There are some games in development that already do this. It is simply the next logical step for first person games.

There are other devices you can pair with VR headsets such as the Omni which is basically a 360 degree treadmill and there are plenty of wiimote like devices you can use for aiming, but none of these are actually required to make VR headsets worth using.

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