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Comment Re:Windows Phone Keyboard (Score 1) 118

Swiping is better than non-predictive touch screen typing, but it is extremely inefficient when you can accurately predict the entire next word and simply tap once to type it. By the time you finish swiping one word you could have typed an entire sentence with SwiftKey. SwiftKey even supports swiping if you still want to do it.

Comment Re:Whining (Score 1) 278

On the Rift website they recommend a NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD R9 290 equivalent or greater for a video card. That isn't entry level, that is high end, and an adequate system can still be had for under $1500. Entry level gaming PCs are around $500.

Comment Re:Yes, yes, i'll buy a Tesla. (Score 1) 207

You aren't really getting shafted. If you're in a higher cost of living area you still won't be able to afford it because you're spending all of that money on housing, higher food costs, etc., and can't afford to spend it on a car.

In most "high cost of living" areas the higher wages don't make up for the house prices.

Comment Consider re-making your site (Score 1) 192

I was in a similar situation. It was cheaper for us to make a new site.

"It's too big an undertaking," or, "it's not worth it." probably means the code for the UI is too coupled with the back end.

We had an old site that did many things. We made new sites modularizing the functionality with an angular front ends completely separated from the API.
The API was in its own solution but used any of the old code it could. For code that couldn't be used on the new site we just wrote new code or refactored the old code so it could be used on the old and new site.

Any new users we got started using these new sites right away and we slowly moved the old users over to them as we added the features they needed.

Comment Re:How can there be? (Score 2) 622

It isn't an "infinite resource" it is limited by bandwidth, which is what they say you are paying for. The network congestion claims from cable companies are a load of bullshit. There is no technical reason for the data caps, they are just extorting more money out of consumers because they have monopolies.

Comment Re:Churn? (Score 1) 241

I agree with you mostly, but you can't judge someone simply by X years experience. People learn at different rates and their programming experiences are all different. Some people pick things up quickly and will be great in just a few years and some never be great no matter how long they do it.

Comment Re:ok, but... (Score 1) 178

I can, but I have 20-10 vision. But I suspect you could actually tell the difference if you had 20-20 and you set a 28" 4k and 8k side by side. Even if you can't quite discern an individual pixel you would probably still see some aliasing until you get 2x or even higher pixel density than an individual pixel is discernible at.

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