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by locoluis (#27173429) Attached to: Amazon Uses DMCA To Restrict Ebook Purchases

Oh, here's a catch.

Some PDF creators link the character for each font to the internal representation in order of character appearance, not in Unicode order. This means that things like pdftohtml, screen reading or even plain copy/paste no longer work, as they yield gibberish instead.

For example, the string:

"This is a PDF test."

Would get stored as something like:

And pdftohtml yields something like:

Oh, and each typeface gets a distinct ordering, so the same string in different typefaces would probably get encoded differently...

In order to decode this you have to both read the actual graphical characters AND know which typeface is used in each segment of text. Which is a PITA. Otherwise, you're lost.

OCR may or may not be of any help, depending on the typeface used...


+ - Apple TV now runs on Mac and PC

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "As reported the AppleTV software already got transplanted to common OSX and even was made working on PC. So far it seems the original hack was once again made by the hacker semthex of the OSx86 project. Next goal he announced was bringing OSX to AppleTV, let's see."
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+ - It's Time for Patent Reform

Submitted by jobowoo
jobowoo (1081283) writes "If you follow the headlines, you may already know that the U.S. Supreme Court will rule shortly in a case that's likely to have big implications for everyone affected by patents. At issue in the case is whether an idea is too obvious to be patented. This may seem esoteric, but intellectual-property issues are striking closer to home for many people and point to the need for patent reform. Full Story"
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+ - Top ten Apple rumors of all time

Submitted by sosumi
sosumi (666) writes "CNET have taken a look back at thirty years of Apple rumors. The top ten list includes the "Secret OSX Build" and the "Apple To Buy Nintendo" speculation. The list seems to have it all. Other entries are the Apple iPhone ("just an elaborate hoax dreamed up by Steve Jobs to keep journalists busy") and Mac OS for IBM PCs ("so counter-productive and financially damaging for Apple that we doubt the company has ever seriously considered it"). From the article: "What do you get when you cross a notoriously tight-lipped computer company with rabidly fanatical users? A whole lot of gossip, speculation and hearsay, that's what. Thirty years of Apple Computer has seen the company rise, fall and rise again like a kind of technological Jesus Christ — there's been plenty to talk about.""

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