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Without a list of the installed SAS components this is pretty much impossible to answer.

If you have the full eBI/eDI suite and a host of "solutions", then you're going to be spending a lot of time in R/Python trying to replicate the years that SAS has spent on developing that environment.
If you have core modules - BASE, STAT, ETL etc, then you can "program" at a relatively low level to your heart's content.

More info please.

+ - Apple keychain seems to be sharing more than just website passwords->

Submitted by loccohombre
loccohombre (148009) writes "One of the groovier (read useful) features of Mavericks and IOS7 is the Apple keychain — a method of centrally storing a range of passwords in the iCloud — probably putting a lot of third party apps out of business.

I discovered an unexpected bonus to the keychain yesterday that may have sysadmins a little worried.

I take my MacBook Air to work and, each month, a friendly Systems Support person, secretly types the company SSID password into it so that I can use the corporate wifi.

Imagine my joy then when, as if by magic, my iPhone connected and authenticated to the same wifi. Seems that keychain is sharing a whole lot more than folks realised."

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+ - Identity data theft - what would you do?

Submitted by loccohombre
loccohombre (148009) writes "I recently received this email from the Henley Standard (a local news paper) advising me of a security breach that resulted in their subscription database being stolen. Whilst the incident is nowhere near the same league as government or credit-card data-slips that have occurred this year, the whole scenario of "cover our back-sides with solicitors first, then tell the punters", together with the general "you're on your own now" response, doesn't sit right with me. Should I pursue the company to find out how the breach occurred, seek redress or just chalk it up to experience?"

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