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Comment: Re:Seems like..... (Score 1) 110

by locater16 (#43437849) Attached to: Wordpress Sites Under Wide-Scale Brute Force Attack
Passphrase? Cracking it is called a dictionary attack, it's what almost every password cracking attempt uses anyway. It's just a list of words run against the password, and can be rather easy to crack. SAFE passwords are long enough series of random letters numbers and symbols, something an attempt would have to brute force character by character and thus wouldn't have much of a chance of getting. $57*ghU^61@nm is a far safer password that "Correct Horse Staple Battery" which would easily be crackable in a reasonable timeframe. Unfortunately $57*ghU^61@nm is friggen hard to remember. Maybe it's time to find convenient and cheap biometric scanners.

Comment: Micosoft giving it up? (Score 1) 305

by locater16 (#43435191) Attached to: AMD Says There Will Be No DirectX 12 — Ever
There's still stuff left to do, access to things that programmers want. If Microsoft wants to stop its API development, and give up the ghost of it's Microsoft only policy, leaving OpenGl and the Khronos group to do all the advancement, then maybe that's a good thing. While Microsoft and DirectX overtook OpenGl in terms of what the API could do since around DX10, it did so at the cost of being locked into Microsoft stuff if you wanted to use it. But if things go a little slower now in order to have only one, open API advancing then maybe that's a good thing.

Comment: Demand for H1b programmers reasonable (Score 0) 419

There's a notion in most sane economists theories that there's a "good" level of unemployment, that if the supply of employees dries up to much things will start to slow down. After all, why work hard when you know someone else will hire you once you get out?

The target most often cited as "good" is around 5% unemployment (actual, counted unemployment without people "giving up"). While that's still too high and probably says something about a bias of economists, it's still a good notion fundamentally. And 2.2% may be starting to push the limits for a single category. Even if you disagree, it's no wonder that Google and MS and et al. want more H1-B visas and are collaborating against you, they need to stop paying you so much so they can save more for the poor CEOs!

Comment: So we can expect (Hope?) to see this in GDDR6 spec (Score 1) 114

by locater16 (#43342453) Attached to: 3D DRAM Spec Published
? I mean, money? Psssh, there's people out there that have two GTX Titans ($1,000 cards) and would have more if there was room on the motherboard. Plus the vast reduction in power usage would be really useful for mobile high end stuff. Would love to grab a Nvidia 850 or whatever next year with 4 gigs of this onboard.

Comment: It's not who comes first... (Score 1) 196

by locater16 (#43230021) Attached to: Samsung Also Making a Smartwatch
"First!" isn't what counts here, this isn't an internet forum. Apple didn't build the first "smart" phone, or first MP3 player, or the first tablet. It built the most useful, and user friendly, tablet and smartphone and MP3 player to date. I'm not sure it matters if Samsung is "first". If Apple's product seems significantly "better" it's going to dominate anyway.

Comment: Camping/Hiking (Score 1) 228

by locater16 (#43099365) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Advice For Summer Before Ph.D. Program?
Why not? The appalachian trail is driveable relative to you, or if you want an even more amazing experience go out to California and stay a week or two in Yosemite. Or surfing, go somewhere where there's surfing! It's not hard to pick up if your even semi athletic. Whatever you do, you can try photography at the same time, it really lends itself to being a hobby while doing another hobby. Travel or hiking or whatever, wherever you are, you can be taking photos at the same time. Go on an adventure.

Comment: Re:Amazing but (Score 1) 218

by locater16 (#43077257) Attached to: Canon Shows the Most Sensitive Camera Sensor In the World
This true, even the most sensitive cameras can't capture nearly the range of the human eye, or the resolution per millimeter for that matter. But as pixel size gets larger the range of light captureable tends to increase, with such large pixels I wonder how this stands up. It might do quite well with a single exposure all on its own, at least versus other comparable full frame sensors.

Comment: Yay, more reason to buy EA games (Score 1) 303

by locater16 (#43030517) Attached to: EA Building Microtransactions Into All of Its Future Games
Because hit titles like Dragon Age 2 and Dead Space 3 are just what I w- oh no wait I don't care.

Still, I'm SURE this will do it. Yes EA, this will save your continuous quarterly disappointments. Just like every game you make having multiplayer, or desperately chasing such growing franchises as Call of Duty (declining year over year for two years straight) or companies like Zynga (desperately cutting studios and employees to remain in business).

Yes EA, your recent history of brilliant strategies will save you this time. "Let's make people who seem uninterested in paying in first place for games like Warfighter, PAY MORE FOR THEM!"

Comment: Re:Cool! (Score 4, Insightful) 178

by locater16 (#42988263) Attached to: France Plans 20-Billion Euro National Broadband Plan
Because... France's economy can't support it, France has a huge public debt and far too much of it's GDP is spent by the government, with it's ultra restrictive labor practices fiber optics everywhere still aren't going to attract startups like Kansas city and Google Fiber, and large government projects such as this usually end costing far too much for what is paid for. Just for starters.

Comment: As a huge gadget geek... (Score 1) 770

by locater16 (#42972999) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Starting From Scratch After a Burglary?
A pair of "Ultra" book should run you less than $2,000 all told. I'm sitting here typing on a Sony Vaio Ultra Book that cost me $700 last year, and except for the low res screen (hey, pay for what you get) I've got no complaints. I can play DOTA 2 at medium settings, smooth as butter while something simultaneously streams to a nearby PS3. These things are sleek, high performance, and well worth the money. If you're a big gamer you could get one with a dedicated Nvidia mobile card and not even bother with the desktop.

As for a camera, since you just mentioned it offhand I'm guessing you're not big into photography. So it really depends on what you want. If you're up to spending $500-$600 you can get a Sony RX100, a perfectly pocketable camera that will get you photos equal of a somewhat older professional DSLR. It's that sharp. If you're not that into it, then honestly modern high end smartphones are getting good at this stuff. An iPhone 5 or something similar (go to engadget for reviews) will net you "good enough" photos. Or, alternatively, if you wanted to start photography as a hobby you could pick up a Panasonic GH2 or Sony NEX mirrorless camera, which will give you all the manual control, features, and often image quality of a DSLR without the cost.

As for a TV, honestly it's so competitive you just select your size and price range and look over a few reviews. Companies are at razor thin margins for HDTV's so one or two (or whatever) excellent ones can be had for a good price all around.

Hmmm... speakers are speakers. Bose are overpriced so get something else for half the cost that's just as good. But otherwise I think that about covers it. Like I said, don't bother with a desktop unless you REALLY want one. I've got mine sitting, disassembled since I moved for 2 months now. Haven't used it thanks to my cool laptop, though that may change if I end up getting Crysis 3. Which is why I suggested a dedicated Nvidia card.

You could always stream stuff to your tv's and ditch a cable/satellite service entirely. A Roku is extremely user friendly, and between Netflix and Hulu Plus you'd have a good selection. Even better if you've certain proclivities visa vis copyright. A fast internet connection can do wonders, and PS3 media server makes it supremely easy to stream things to a 360 or PS3, or any DLNA device so far as I know. Not to mention most new laptops have HDMI out on them.

Anyway, that's all I can think of. Good luck!

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