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Comment: Re:Suggestions... (Score 1) 1021

by lobStar (#24099841) Attached to: Learn a Foreign Language As an Engineer?
It is considered something between a dialect and a language. Most Germans and Austrians can barely understand it. It is often easier for a Swede and a Norwegian to understand each other, and they are always considered different languages. However, all Swiss can change to standard high German at any time, and written Swiss German is only used in very colloquial settings.

+ - Google likens Sweden to dictatorship

Submitted by lobStar
lobStar (1103461) writes "Google criticizes the Swedish government heavily and does even go as far as liken it with dictatorship because of the proposed bill that would allow wiretapping of all data crossing the countries' borders. The proposal stems from a tradition begun by Saudia Arabia and China and simply has no place in a western democracy," says Peter Fleischer, Google spokesman. "Sometimes Google needs to take a clear stance and my impression is that everybody has listened very intently to what we have had to say," Although the bill has been delayed, not even a such strong statement from the search giant seems to make the government change it's mind."

It is much easier to suggest solutions when you know nothing about the problem.