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Comment: Support / SLA / Liability (Score 1) 257

by lmw94002 (#40207567) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Provisioning Internet For Condo Association?
I am part of a much smaller association, but some people always bring up those ideas that sound great, but in reality just don't work. I am sure you could design something simple enough and subcontract the install, or just pay a company to do the whole soup to nuts install. The issue is ongoing support and troubleshooting. What if something breaks? Or what if people THINK something is broken? That hourly rate adds up fast. Someone is bound to start complaining their access is "slow". Someone is bound to set up some sort inappropriate server/service. A virus is bound to spread some malware and steal some identities. "Shared" community resources always lead to disputes. I wouldn't want my association touching this at ALL. Most people bundle services like TV, internet, and voice. The only way I would consider it is if a local telco / cable provider came in and offered to provide the backbone, service, and support. I assume all the units are already wired for cable/phone.

Comment: Every situation is different (Score 1) 204

by lmw94002 (#40089643) Attached to: Options For Good (Not Expensive) Office Backbone For a Small Startup
Having done the the same thing a half dozen times... Choices are typically: a) GoogleApps b) Hosted Exchange (or Exchange-like system) c) Deploying an MS SBS system locally d) Deploying an Exchange-like alternative locally You can make the pitch for whatever you think is best. You are going to own and support it so you have to be comfortable with it. Make the matrix, pros and cons. Considerations might include: a) backups b) compliance c) integration with mobile devices d) what happens if you are 100 people? aka, future planning scenarios Some management is all about the "cloud"... while others care less and just want it to work. Every situation is different.

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lmw94002 (2484094) writes "Anonymous speech is free. But free speech is not necessarily anonymous. "Social media giant Twitter has handed over subscriber information for some Twitter accounts indirectly tied to the Occupy Boston protest, ending a court battle fought behind closed doors as Boston law enforcement investigated hacking attacks on the Boston police and a police union.""
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itwbennett writes "Hadoop, Hive, Lucene, and Solr are all open source projects, but if you were expecting the floors of the Strata Conference to be packed with intense, boostrapping hackers you'd be sorely disappointed. Instead, says Brian Proffitt, 'community' where Big Data is concerned is 'acknowledged as a corporate resource', something companies need to contribute back to. 'There is no sense of the grass-roots, hacker-dominated communities that were so much a part of the Linux community's DNA,' says Proffitt."
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