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Comment: Re:Python (Score 2, Informative) 426 426

Python is my scripting language of choice because it's easy to use and it has it's own "os" module that you can use to launch commands and the like, not to mention the "glob" module, which can grab all file names in a given directory into an array. I highly recommend it. (2.6)

Python also has a built-in "unittest" module that might make it a lot easier to manage your various test cases. I'd say if you can't count all of your test cases on one hand, you should take a serious look at that module.

Comment: Re:soy milk (Score 1) 251 251

Historically, soy has been used as a flavoring agent (e.g. soy sauce, bean paste), not as a primary source of food (soymilk, tofurky, etc.). I'm no expert, but my guess would be that until the last few decades, nobody consumed soy in large enough quantities to experience any negative effects from those isoflavones.

Comment: Re:Publicity (Score 1) 452 452

I went to Santa Rosa Junior College. It's actually one of the best junior colleges in California, if not the entire U.S. And I'm sure that at most of the faculty there can recognize (or easily be made to understand) how stupid a move this is by the administration.

The real problem is that these sorts of technical decisions are being made by people with no understanding of the technology. And there are countless institutions besides SRJC that have that exact same problem.

Comment: Re:Greed is Good (Score 2, Informative) 452 452

I heard she was wearing sweatpants at the time, which absorbed significantly more liquid than a t-shirt would, and held it in-place against her body long enough to cause third-degree burns.

Think of it this way: if you pour boiling water on yourself, you'll get burns, but the water will mostly run off of your body before doing too much damage. If you soak a sponge in boiling water and hold it against your skin, that's going to transfer a lot more thermal energy (since it can remain in contact for much longer) and thus cause a more severe burn.

Comment: Re:nude babies (Score 1) 590 590

There's a huge difference between naturalism and naturism. Naturalism is the study of the natural world. I worked as a naturalist during college, at a nature preserve that was owned by my university and used for research and education (I led kids from local elementary schools on field trips).

Naturism, on the other hand, is a practice that is synonymous with nudism (there might be further meaning that I am unaware of).

Comment: Re:Very helpful.... Not! (Score 1) 236 236

He didn't buy the laptop. His employer did. And he was already well aware of my opinion of Vista.

I've heard plenty of stories about his employer, and I'm sure they could never be convinced that an older version of Windows might be superior to the so-called "latest and greatest".

Comment: Re:I guess thats one way to get Beta Testers (Score 4, Interesting) 236 236

I've never yet had to use Vista myself, but in my limited experience helping friends who do use it, the "budget laptops" issue looks to be a serious one. A friend of mine was given a budget laptop for work, but he couldn't get wireless networking to work and asked me for help.

The first thing I noticed was that it took something ridiculous like 10 minutes to start up, and was incredibly slow even when no applications were running. So I went to the "System" control panel, and discovered the laptop had only 384MB of RAM.'s a new laptop, that ships with Vista, and it falls short of Vista's minimum RAM requirements? I never did figure that one out.

I finally told him that the first thing he needed to do before I could help him was to get a laptop that met or exceeded Vista's minimum system requirements. I didn't hear anything about it after that.

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