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Comment: Re:Answers (Score 1) 484

by llywrch (#20949525) Attached to: Has Wikipedia Peaked?
I wish I could think of something to say that would change your mind, to make you feel better -- but I can't think of anything that wouldn't sound insincere. You're right about the fact that Wikipedians who don't edit articles get more respect; I don't know why this is -- perhaps it's some perverse tendency we humans have. And I won't argue with the general perception that Wikipedia seems to be more bureaucratic than it used to be. (Ironic for a project created by a libertarian.)

Maybe it's that I've always found my pleasure in Wikipedia from finding & sharing information. I enjoy reading, & am always hunting thru Amazon, Alibris & Abebooks for titles I don't have. I focus on the writing & not on dealing with the cranks, kooks, & promoters seeking to push their own beliefs, theories or products. I stay to my own corners of Wikipedia, & am left alone in my ivy-clad, digital tower to try to produce useful information. I notice that a number of long-term Wikipedians are doing much the same thing. And maybe after Wikipedia is no longer the K-rad k3wl website to be, those of us who are left can get back to the important duty of passing knowledge on to future generations -- as long as there is electricity, of course.


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