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+ - Great Scott! Back to the Future showing gets cancelled, social backlash ensues->

Submitted by girlmad
girlmad (2404748) writes "Secret Cinema, the darling of quirky movie experiences, has seen exactly how frightening a bunch of angry hipsters can be after it cancelled the opening night of its latest show, Back to the Future. The short notice and lack of explanation from the 'immersive cinema experience' company led to a huge backlash on social media, with angry fans taking to Twitter and Facebook to share their frustrations at the handling of the whole thing. Cue much blaming of the Libyans and flux capacitor breakdowns."
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+ - Philips Ethernet-powered lighting will transmit data to mobile devices via light->

Submitted by llebeel
llebeel (2761081) writes "Philips has showed off its Ethernet-powered connected lighting for offices of the future, which can transmit data to mobile devices through light via embedded code.
Arriving in the form of LED "luminaires", Philips' connected office lighting will aim to not only save businesses money on energy costs, but also serve as a means of providing information and data about the general running of a building, transmitted through light, to improve the overall efficiency of business infrastructure."

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+ - Steam vulnerability allows hackers to bypass security and swipe account data->

Submitted by llebeel
llebeel (2761081) writes "Malwarebytes has uncovered a way for hackers to steal Steam accounts while bypassing an additional security measure.

When logging in on a PC you haven't used before, Steam Guard will appear as a window asking for a verification code that will have been sent to your email address. Without the code, you can't log in. Malwarebytes claims to have found that scammers have come up with a way to get around this security measure."

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+ - Dell's workstation of the future will eliminate a need for keyboards and mice->

Submitted by llebeel
llebeel (2761081) writes "The workstation of the future will enable engineers and designers to work from systems powered by the data centre, PC maker Dell has claimed, liberating desktop machines to take completely different forms and eliminating the need for a keyboard and mouse. Dell has developed a mock-up of what such a device might look like in the future and it is all about panels, screens and glass, because the power provided on the back end means the design is unbounded by thermals and space."
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+ - Flat pack 3D printer to hit Kickstarter on 22 April priced at £600->

Submitted by llebeel
llebeel (2761081) writes "A 3D printer that will ship as a flat pack priced at £600 is set to hit Kickstarter on 22 April, with the firm looking for a goal of at least £6,000.

Dubbed the Deltratrix, the 3D printer, it has a unique vertical design that allows for faster and more fluid movements, as the motors are fixed in place.

Made by a firm called Tegelbeckers Ltd, the 3D printer ships in flat pack form and is easily assembled by screwing the frame together."

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+ - Android to ship on 884 million more devices than iPhones, iPads, Macs in 2014->

Submitted by llebeel
llebeel (2761081) writes "Android is expected to lead shipments of devices in 2014, with Gartner projecting that shipments of Android phones, tablets and PCs will hit 1.17 billion this year, rising to 1.36 billion in 2015.

This will be 884 million more shipments than Apple can manage for all its Mac machines plus iPads and iPhones. However, Mac and iOS are also expected to see strong growth from 241 million devices shipped last year to 286 million in 2014 and then 324 million in 2015."

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+ - ARM-powered Lego robot aims to smash Rubik's Cube record with Samsung Galaxy S4->

Submitted by llebeel
llebeel (2761081) writes "An ARM chip-powered robot made from Lego will attempt to break the world record for solving a Rubik's Cube this weekend, with a time of less than 5.27 seconds to beat.

Named "the Cubestormer 3", the puzzle-solving machine is made of Lego Mindstorms customisable and programmable robot building kits and powered by an ARM9 processor in a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone."

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+ - Paper printers will be a thing of the past in ju4 years - eaten by cheap tablets-> 1

Submitted by llebeel
llebeel (2761081) writes "Inkjet and laserjet printers will soon become a thing of the past due to the rising popularity of cheap tablets, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has said.

Within as little as four years, no one will need to print anything on inkjet or laserjet printers anymore, an IEEE technical expert declared, as we will instead access and review documents and images digitally."

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+ - Sony says Apple is 'missing out' by updating the iPhone only once a year, leavin->

Submitted by llebeel
llebeel (2761081) writes "Sony says Apple is "missing out" by updating its iPhone line-up only annually, because users want to be able to take advantage of the latest technology available.

Sony Mobile chief and president of NW Europe, Pierre Perron, told The INQUIRER in an interview at Mobile World Congress (MWC) that because Apple waits a year between smartphone upgrades, it's leaving its customers behind in terms of the technology they are potentially open to buying."

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+ - IE 10 Zero Day Used in Watering Hole Attacks On Veterans->

Submitted by chicksdaddy
chicksdaddy (814965) writes "Visitors to the web site of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) are being targeted in an attack that exploits a previously unknown hole in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10 web browser, according to warnings Thursday by security firms.

Some visitors to the web site of the VFW, vfw [dot] org, were the victim of a ‘watering hole’ attack starting on February 11. The attacks took advantage of a previously unknown ‘use-after-free’ vulnerability in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10 web browser. According to a write-up by the firm FireEye (http://www.fireeye.com/blog/uncategorized/2014/02/operation-snowman-deputydog-actor-compromises-us-veterans-of-foreign-wars-website.html), the VFW site was hacked and then altered to redirect users to a malicious website programmed to exploit vulnerable versions of IE 10 on systems running 32 bit versions of the Windows operating system.

Initial analysis of the attack suggests that it is part of a “strategic Web compromise targeting American military personnel.” FireEye said evidence points to hacking groups responsible for similar campaigns, including ‘Operation DeputyDog,’ which targeted high-profile Japanese firms as well as the US security firm Bit9, and ‘Operation Ephemeral Hydra,’ targeting military and public policy personnel.

FireEye dubbed the attack 'Operation Snowman,' saying that it was timed to coincide with a massive East Coast blizzard that affected the Washington D.C. area, as well as the President's Day federal holiday on Monday. Security Ledger notes that the attack was also timed to fall immediately after Microsoft issued its February security patches with the malware used in the attacks — standard operating procedure with attacks using Microsoft 0day exploits."

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+ - Minority Report-style user interface for Windows and Mac hits Kickstarter->

Submitted by llebeel
llebeel (2761081) writes "A user interface designed for Windows and Mac, which allows users to interact with digital surfaces in the style of the film Minority Report, has hit Kickstarter.

With a pledge goal of $25,000, the company responsible for the project is Swiss firm Dizmo, who has developed the software due to the perceived "inadequacy" of today's user interfaces."

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+ - Siemens' tube of the future aims to ease sardine-like commutes->

Submitted by llebeel
llebeel (2761081) writes "London Underground's "next generation" tube train could to do away with sardine like commutes. The body is working with potential suppliers for these trains on a regular basis to work out what they will look like and how they will solve some of the overcrowding problems in the Tube network due to its ever growing number of passengers.

One contender in the bidding to provide that next gen train is German electronics firm Siemens, who has built a "tube train of the future" mock-up, the Inspiro metro train, which rests at the Crystal in the Royal Victoria Dock in East London. If London Underground choose the Inspiro, passenger numbers will be increased by around 10 percent."

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+ - SPAM: The Best Films Ever Made on Your Tablet PC

Submitted by heatherbrigs
heatherbrigs (3444323) writes "Because they can be carried anywhere and are generally capable of the movie streaming option that can be had from certain apps, tablet PCs should attract the average film buff.

Such apps have a whole universe of movies for your viewing pleasure. Not bad for an affordable android tablet pc you are looking to gift yourself for the Holidays. In here we listed five of the greatest foreign language films in recent memory, some of which have tried but failed to find footing in American soil."

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