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Comment Re:Moral of the story: (Score 1) 193

Don't install apps from back alleyways: ... Are people really that naive?

Not really sure naive is the problem. The habits from using windows is carried over I think. Android is in some ways similar to Windows where you can literally install anything from everywhere. Not saying that Windows does not get malware but Windows at least do get periodic system updates and most people install some sort of anti-virus / anti-malware solution. Both of these seem to be missing in many Android phones.

Comment Re:Something is better than nothing (Score 1) 304

when my teacher didn't know something we would write to Dianna Hacker ask her to answer our confusion.

English / grammar is just an example. Isn't it possible for student who are still confused after a personal finance lesson to seek advice elsewhere? Should we ban all subjective subjects? Literature perhaps?

Comment Re:Bullshit - got it in Hawaii (Score 1) 841

With so much information to manage, almost everything is stored on the NSA servers. Naturally, I believe the NSA servers must have some sort of access control mechanism to implement a "need to know". But someone has to manage this access control mechanism, i.e. system admin? While I do not know the exact job scope given to snowden but I believe he does have some sort of system admin privileges. Furthermore it was reported that he "borrowed" passwords from fellow co-workers. We will never know if there is a lack of "need to know" but i doubt the snowden case is sufficient proof of anything.

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