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Comment: Re:Or just get rid of all income taxes (Score 1) 230

That's how the Kryptonians ended up in deep shit.

In part mostly though it was there f*cking sun blowing up and destroying their planet while they government plunged their ears and yelled "Nananne not listening!!!! to all warnings. Besides with as many kryptonian survived to fight superman every few days you would think the could just settle and terraform there own planet like Mars of Venus instead of trying to take earth.

Comment: Re:Who would have thought (Score 1) 194

by lister king of smeg (#47886757) Attached to: The Documents From Google's First DMV Test In Nevada

I have seen perfectly sober drivers go the wrong way on a roundabout.

I have never seen this. Ever, not even with blind drunk drivers. Not even with the ditziest of SUV drivers and Australia has a hell of a lot more roundabouts than the US.

and that is exactly why you have never seen it because people encounter them more and thus learn to use them in US they are rare enough that people don't learn to use them properly.

Comment: Re:What a great move! (Score 1) 352

...because Windows is such a well loved brand!

What will consumers think of when they get to the cellphone store. Do you want the phone made by Apple (immediately associated with status) Google (the guys that make the internets in the mind of joe sixpack) or Windows (immediately think of the blue-screen or "this program has just performed an illegal operation dialog [translated you just lost three hours of work on the project the boss wants dialog]").

Which is the consumer going to pick social status symbol, gift of the internet gods, or the product associated with frustration and fail?

Comment: Re:Too late ... (Score 1) 352

I'm sure Blackberry used to say the same about the various upstarts that tried to dethrown them... and we know how well that worked out.

Blackberry sat on its laurels and didn't try to innovate or court the consumer market instead aiming to the corporate market which was killed by the popularization of the Bring.Your.Own.Device policy.

Comment: Re:Who would have thought (Score 4, Insightful) 194

by lister king of smeg (#47883651) Attached to: The Documents From Google's First DMV Test In Nevada

Why does version 2.0 of your application still not have all its features?

Because code takes time. And you can't just manpower your way through it.

A roundabout is simply nothing more than a right hand turn at a yield sign, followed by an exit ramp. If your application can't handle that, then why the hell is it on the road in the first place? And what connection does this have to what *other* drivers do?

I have seen perfectly sober drivers go the wrong way on a roundabout. Self driving cars in a beta if not alpha program having to contend with asinine drivers like that would understandably need human intervention remember this is not a finished product, not even a release candidate, it is a limited alpha release it will be improved by the time it gets to market.

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by lister king of smeg (#47876801) Attached to: Report: Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Studio For $2bn+

No it would not have to be reverse engineered again as even though they now own it, it is still available and under the gpl v2. So that would be impossible for Microsoft to shutdown as it would be forked the next day and you can't retroactively re-licence someone else’s copy of gpl'ed software, remember GPL is viral and thats a good thing.

Unfortunately the Minecraft server code wasn't clean-room reverse engineered, it was decompiled. Microsoft has a decent legal leg to stand on and the money to back it up to say that the GPL'd code was a copyright violation and is not legally usable.

That doesn't matter any more as Bukkit was bought up by Mojang the people that own the original copyrighted on the Minecraft Server that was decompiled to create Bukkit in the first place. So now as the same entity now owns both Bukkit & Minecraft Server, and as Mojang continues to distrubute and develop Bukkit under the GPL, it is now leagle and abides by the term of said license. As such any fork of Bukkit would now be legitimate and covered by the gpls redistribution clause eg; "the no takesies backsies clause"

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by lister king of smeg (#47871769) Attached to: Information Theory Places New Limits On Origin of Life

It's a fallacy that entropy always increases ON EARTH, and therefore life is impossible to have evolved naturally, because it violates the 2nd law of thermodynamics. That's only true in a closed system, which most definitely the Earth is not. There's this "Sun" bombarding the planet with energy, constantly.

Stop bringing thermodynamics into biochemical or origin of life questions. It's irrelevant.

Yes energy is constantly added but without a system to use it it only increases entropy think uv radiation and Dna the energy there disorders the system rather than maintains it.

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