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Comment Re:Different how? (Score 1) 755

It frankly astonishes me how many people here clearly have never been poor.

Being poor is *shit*. I had next to no money as a student, and the experience strongly motivated me to never be poor again. Anyone who is satisfied with such a pale imitation of life is deserving of nothing but _pity_.

We have welfare, yet people still take jobs, and it's not like those of us with jobs aren't already paying for welfare anyway. All this does is chop out the bullshit middlemen.

Comment Wuh? (Score 1) 254

"Sure, LibreOffice does not provide the same level of features and finesse Microsoft's suite may boast"

But MS Office hasn't really had any substantial functionality changes since 1999, only frivolous window dressing. How the hell has LibreOffice not caught up in the intervening *15* years?!

Real computer scientists like having a computer on their desk, else how could they read their mail?