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Comment: Re:I think it's fine (Score 1) 219

Facebook uses psychology to make minor changes in our happiness, at the expense of our friends, destroying relationships

FTFY. I know it's rare amongst /. readers, but I have friends that aren't the 5 fingers on my right hand, and if they're sad or upset, I fucking well want to know so I can be there for them and help them.

Comment: Re:But, but, but⦠autism!!1!11! (Score 1) 126

by lisaparratt (#46938329) Attached to: Polio Causes Global Health Emergency

It's amazing how vaccines always cause conditions that were mis- or undiagnosed in the past. Let me guess - vaccines cause ADHD, too?

I've got tourettes, and my girlfriend has ADHD and aspergers, and whilst we're thankful our conditions aren't debilitating, we also cherish the positive aspects they bring to our lives.

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