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Google Airs Super Bowl Ad 315

Posted by kdawson
from the feeling-lucky dept.
theodp writes "CNET's hunch that Google might run a Super Bowl ad entitled 'Parisian Love' proved to be well-founded. The ad just ran (did you know that you can search the Internet using Google?), and Apple certainly doesn't have to worry about losing its claim to having produced the best Super Bowl ad ever. In fact, you might want to check out the spoof 'Parisian Love' apparently inspired — 'Is Tiger Feeling Lucky?' — if you want to see a better pitch for Google."

Comment: Re:No Asylum? (Score 1) 778

by liquidsunshine (#28662337) Attached to: British Men Jailed For Online Hate Crimes
I completely agree, but I'd be willing to guess that the reasoning has to do with treaties and/or our relationship with Britain. Offering asylum would imply that we think they are a "bad" nation with unjust laws (which they seem to be), and would hurt our relationship with them. Basically, world governments are a bunch of middle schoolers.

Comment: It worked in Rome (Score 2, Interesting) 313

by liquidsunshine (#28627125) Attached to: Can Urine Rescue Hydrogen-Powered Cars?
The Romans made great use of human urine in their day; why shouldn't we do the same? In ancient Rome, citizens were actually "taxed" their urine; that is, the government required that they give it to them. And then they sold it back to them in more useful forms. Sounds like a great way to get our government out of the financial mess they're in!

Comment: Re:Bicycling is my magic bullet... (Score 1) 1137

by liquidsunshine (#27878877) Attached to: Your Commuting Costs By Car Vs. Train?
If there are cars lined up along the side of the road parked, or otherwise so that you could be doored, take the lane (ride in the middle of the right-most traffic lane). You're legally entitled to, and safety dictates that you should. Sorry to hear you got hit; I hope you got the jerk to pay for the repairs at least.

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